Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Twins' First Zoo Visit

When Connor was about seven-months-old we took him to the zoo for the first time. We got a year membership and it was originally a way to get us out of the house as a family (because obviously Connor didn't really "get" the zoo). But those are some of my favorite memories - ice cream in the summer while looking at the monkeys, hot dogs in front of the flamingos, the train ride past the lion in the Spring. It was so much fun.

So, now that Mr. Howard is going to have a lot more time with the family on the weekends, we thought it'd be good to go ahead and get another membership. We went on Thursday for the first time in a while and it brought all those fun times flooding back.

Isabella and Mama
 Daddy and Aiden
 Connor is in a difficult-to-photograph stage:
 I captured his photo while he was entranced with the monkeys:
 Daddy and the Giraffes:
 Aiden in his monkey shirt (I'm going to post a comparison at the end of this):
 Connor and his icecream:
 Attempt at family photo #1 (not a single one of our kids is looking):
 Attempt at family photo #2 (1 out of 3 is looking). Success!
And now for the comparison. These photos were both taken during their first trips to the zoo.
I think they have the same parents. Don't you?!?


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