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Mothers of Multiples - Delivery Experience

*Picture Above: On my way to have the c-section. I've never posted this photo for quite obvious reasons! Ha!*
I'm finally finished with Part 2 of my story and, again, linking up with Jen for MoMs by MoMs.

The morning, at about 5:30am, of June 30th, 2011 I awoke to a very strange feeling: what I thought might be my water breaking. I quickly woke Mr. Howard up and put my feet on the floor. As soon as I stood up (like in the movies), I felt a huge gush and watched as water flowed everywhere. When Mr. Howard called Labor and Delivery to let them know we were coming, they tried to get him to talk to an advice nurse to determine whether or not it had actually been my water breaking. Ha! My very quick hubby told her that he had NO DOUBT it had been my water! They said they'd be ready for us. We knew Aiden was breach and so there was really no question that I would have to have a c-section.

I hopped in the car and made the short drive over to labor and delivery. I spent the car ride doing my makeup and brushing my hair - thinking about how ironic it was that I had just come to peace with the birthdate we had picked for the twins (my c-section was scheduled for July 11th).

By the time we arrived at the hospital (around 7am), I was dilated to a 4, 90% effaced, and a -1 station. They did an ultrasound and discovered that BOTH Isabella and Aiden were breech (Aiden was frank breech and Isabella was breech). So they began the process of getting me ready for a c-section. Within an hour, they were ready to wheel me to the operating room (but I asked them if they could quickly let me see my mom and dad to say goodbye before the surgery - on an aside, the nurse walked out and said, "Your daughter would like to say goodbye to you." Ummmm hello! Choice of words! My mom, shocked, said "WHAT?!" to which the nurse said, "Oh she wants to say goodbye before she goes in for her c-section).

By the time I got to the operating room, I was already dilated to a 7 and was 100% effaced. Within a half an hour, they brought my hubby in to sit with me and about 5 minutes later we welcomed a SCREAMING Aiden Patrick Howard into the world at 9:20am. Two minutes later at 9:22am, Isabella Lynn Howard joined her big brothers with a much softer cry. They took them immediately to the warmers to be watched, weighed, measured, etc. while they stitched me up. We were not allowed to take any photos at all in the operating room. There were close to 10 people in the operating room because: (a) we were having twins, (2) because I was four weeks early, and (3) Aiden had only one functioning kidney.

At around 10:00am I was brought into recovery and thirty minutes later they were able to bring my parents and Mr. Howard's mom into the recovery room to meet our babies. We were there for a while and it was at that point that the pediatrician decided that both babies needed to be supplemented with formula (neither really would latch or suck). I have a lot of emotions about that time. I remember arguing with a nurse who wanted to take my babies to the NICU and wouldn't let me get a picture holding both my babies at the same time. I remember trying to rationalize why they wanted to give them a bottle SO quickly. And I remember being in a LOT of pain. My mom was so sweet; she kept asking the nurse if there was anything else they could give me.
*Picture Above: Mr. Howard and Baby A: Aiden* in recovery
*Picture Above: Aiden's first bath in recovery
*Picture Above: Isabella in Recovery Room*
*Picture Avove: Daddy and Isabella in Recovery Room*
 It was decided they'd go to the NICU (at that point, we thought it'd only be for a few hours). And as quickly as could be - off they went!
*Picture Above: Mama and Aiden in NICU*
*Picture Above: Mama and Isabella in NICU*
*Picture Above: Isabella in NICU*
I have now had three different deliveries and I think I've had just about every experience. =) I've had a medicine-free birth, an epidural birth, a vaginal delivery, and a c-section. I'll say that, for me, the c-section was WAY more painful initially, but I healed SO much better and quicker than with the vaginal delivery.


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

=) ya looked awesome!! really! you guys make such sweet and beautiful babes!!!

Tesha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh I just love this story I am so glad you were blessed with these precious twins! I agree with Courtney you look beautiful!

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I think you looked beautiful in that first picture!!!

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They are precious!! I love reading birthing stories :) Thank you for sharing!

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