Thursday, June 14, 2012

Connor's First Swimming Lesson

We wanted to put Connor in swimming lessons last year, but didn't really see a huge need as we don't have a pool - and my parents didn't own one YET. But this year, it was not only something we WANTED to do, it was necessary. Now that my parents have a pool it is a safety thing. One of the one-on-one paraeducators who was in my room all year with me, Erica, teaches swim lessons on the side and I scooped her up and had her come to my parents' house to teach Connor yesterday. She was wonderful!!!

Aiden and I sat and watched with our feet in the pool! Isabella and my mom sat in the shade and watched. She even clapped for her big brother when he wore his goggles and went under the water to look at Daddy.

I literally cannot speak enough praises about how wonderful she was. Connor crawled right in with her and started swimming immediately. During the first lesson Connor learned how to blow bubbles, go under the water, kick, and even jumped/swam from Erica to Mr. Howard. 


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