Sunday, June 17, 2012


Well, last week I said how close they were to crawling and this week, on June 10 they officially started. Neither crawls traditionally YET. Isabella's isn't quite an army crawl - it's a cross between an army crawl, a foot walk, and a roll. Aiden's is a cross between an army crawl and a scoot. So, if we subtract four weeks (because they were born four weeks early), they were crawling at essentially 10 months. It still isn't on the typical milestone calendar, but I don't think it's super behind. We've been back and forth with ALTA Regional Early Intervention Screening and we're trying to work out whether or not they're going to qualify for services. We've been trying some of their activities to do to work on their skills. Aiden is behind in fine motor, personal social, and problem solving and Isabella is behind in fine motor and personal social. I just looked at all the things they're supposed to be doing for their 12 month survey (which we won't fill out until they're 13 months old) and I got kinda overwhelmed...speaking three words, grabbing things from inside a container, walking along the edge of furniture...eek. I guess we'll cross that bridge when it comes.

 The wonderful part about crawling is that they now escape. I put Isabella down in the kitchen the other day, left, and came back and she was gone. Aiden crawled out of his baby jail this morning and went all the way across the tile. I love, love, love this stage - but it comes with its own set of challenges.
Right after I took this photo Aiden got on his belly and crawled towards the end of the bed. 


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