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For MoMs by MoMs - Bringing Multiples Home

For Mothers of Multiples - by Mothers of Multiples
Bringing Multiples Home
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For the majority of Multiples Mamas, we don't leave from the hospital or nursery - generally we leave from the NICU. The very first thing that has to happen is something called a Car Seat Test (have you seen the Grey's Anatomy episode?). The babies have to make it in their seats without any desaturations, apnea, or bradycardia for 90 minutes. I'm blanking now, but one of the twins made it with flying colors in 90 minutes (I THINK Izzy), but one of them had to go on to a second 90 minute period becuase he didn't pass the first time (I think it was Aiden).  
 After they each passed, the nurses had to show us how to care for special needs preemies. Because both babies were still being seriously watched for jaundice, we had some specific instructions with that. We also had to take each babies' temperature every time we changed their diapers (they were only 4 pounds by the time we left the hospital and they both struggled to regulate their body temperatures). We had to learn proper instructions for giving the preemie formula and how never to cross contaminate bottles (after you use one preemie bottle, you throw it away and open a new one for each feeding). We came home with about 50 neotatal nipples and boxes of Enfamil Enfacare.
 Funny story about the bow below. When my babies were in the NICU I had to ask permission for anything and everything. If I wanted to breastfeed, I had to get a nurse to okay it (they didn't like breastfeeding...they prefered pumping and bottle feeding because then they could record how much your baby had eaten). If I wanted to do their care, I had to make sure it was time to do it and even then a nurse usually stood close by to enter their stats in a computer for me. If I wanted to hold the babies, I had to make sure they hadn't had any problems or didn't need to be under the lights. It was a lot of stress. So, I brought this bow in for Izzy to wear on her last day in the NICU and I had to ask permission to put it on her. My sister was standing with me and I'm sure she was thinking, "It's YOUR baby." But I didn't feel like that. The nurse was just so sweet and she said, "Of course you may sweetheart" and even stood and oohed and ahhed at her beautiful little head in a bow.  But after doing Aiden's care, I came back and found another nurse had overruled me and taken it off. I remember feeling like a child being scolded. Perhaps that's why bows are glued to her hair now. No permission needed!
 I'll be honest. I was pretty scared coming home. I had never had a preemie baby and having them in the NICU being cared for by full-time nurses was a little intimidating. We were now responsible for meeting their needs and they didn't have any monitors to monitor their heart rates and rhythms, blood pressures, breathing rates, and oxygen levels in the blood. How was I going to do it on my own? I had asked permission for every little thing for a week and now I was going to be the executive decision maker. It was very overwhelming.
This is the very first picture of them in our bedroom when we brought them home:
 My Mother-in-Law put this outside our home to welcome us!
 This was the very first time Connor met the babies ever (he was not allowed in the NICU)! OH my heart!:
 They were ridiculously small! 
Only 4 pounds even:
 And then as the days went on, it became our new normal. This was Connor's second birthday:
 And this was the babies first Fourth of July (Izzy's in red. Aiden's in blue):
 I could breastfeed, but I had to give each baby a bottle of 22 calorie formula several times a day. I did tandem nurse (nurse two babies at the same time), but mostly I pumped with a hospital rented Neonatal Intensive Care breast pump (apparently, it's supposed to be much more heavy-duty). We would add the 22 cal formula to the breast milk. The machine was pretty crazy - you could hear it in the next room, but it did the trick.
 In the beginning because of the breastpump, I had to stay home. The hubby and mother-in-law did all our shopping for us. This was the very first time I was left home with the twins:
 We never had a problem with Connor and the babies. He was always kind and loving and gentle. He always loved them (at least in the beginning...haha). And so it was fun to watch him around them.


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They were sooo tiny! I love that picture of both of them in your lap.

kristenly said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

aww sweet! my toddler was always gentle with the babies too. so great!

Tesha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

SO Sweet I LOOOOVE that pic of you with them in your lap!

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates babies are SO cute. I want twins so bad now :)

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