Saturday, June 2, 2012

Goals for June/July

*Photo Above Taken Last Weekend!*

The stomach flu has hit our house BIG TIME. If you follow our facebook, you'll see that it started with Connor on Wednesday in the middle of the night. It moved to Aiden next, then Izzy, and then Mr. Howard. He actually called me at about 1pm yesterday to tell me he was SICK, SICK, SICK and was leaving his amazing event (that he had been looking forward to for WEEKS) because he had thrown up several times. He then had to make an hour drive home. I picked up Aiden; my mom brought the other two to me; and I got the kids fed, bathed, diapers changed, and put Aiden and Izzy down. I was putting Connor in the bath when I told the hubby he'd need to switch me because I was sick. I spent the whole evening with the stomach flu and finally kept a sip of water down at about 8am this morning. Thankfully the hubby was all better by then and so he got up with the kids. He put them down for a nap at 11am this morning and by the time we woke up at noon, we were all feeling SO much better. While I HATE having the stomach flu, it always makes me remember how lucky we are to be healthy. It isn't something we should take for granted!
I know no one really cares about my summer to-do's. =) I just like to have goals posted for the world to see to hold me accountable!
  1. Send out the Twins' first birthday invitations
  2. Schedule a house cleaner to come the first/second week in June
  3. Pick out/Purchase curtains for the Eat-in Kitchen Area
  4. Install chair rail in Dining Room/Formal Living ROom
  5. Paint the Dining Room/Formal Living Room (only half way completed)
  6. Organize/Clean Master Closet
  7. Organize the Kids' Closets
  8. Plan Disneyland Trip
    1. Book Hotel or Time Share
    2. Purchase 3-day park hopper tickets (or package if booking hotel)
    3. Email everyone with days we'll be there
    4. Make reservations for Minnie and Friends Character Breakfast
  9. Take all three kids to Disneyland
  10. Book Connor's Swimming Lessons
  11. Plan Aiden and Isabella's First Birthday Party
  12. Plan 5th Wedding Anniversary Trip/Night/Dinner
  13. Aiden and Isabella's First Year Books:
    1. Finish Books
    2. Order Them
  14. Take enough professional development classes (7 units) to move over on the payscale
    1. One Unit
    2. One Unit
    3. One Unit
    4. One Unit
    5. One Unit
    6. One Unit
    7. One Unit
  15. Figure out any early intervention resources available for the twins
    1. Call ALTA


Tickled Pink said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This is a great list!! You have a lot to do but most of these sound soo fun! Disneyland? Yes please! :)

LittleDreamer said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm so glad to see other people have lists like this too. So far mine hasn't shrunk yet, but I keep hoping to see lines through my to-dos marking them as finished!

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