Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Lazy Days

To be fair, Izzy probably "crawled" earlier than Aiden did...but I am positive Aiden will walk before she crawls. Because man-oh-man are his legs strong. He can almost balance himself on his own already.
 Izzy's such a mama's girl. She just loves to cuddle!
 I bought this ADORABLE outfit for Aiden on clearance and I was kinda obsessed. I know he looks frightened. I don't know what happened.
 I mean - do you see the alligators? Oh it's just so cute!
 I love this picture! Aiden has been a mama's boy since he was born, but he's starting to think Daddy is just so funny!

On Wednesday evening I had a class about an hour away from our house. I was going to head out by myself, but the hubby thought it'd be fun if we made a fun outing out of it. While I went to my class, he took the kids to his work to show them off. Then we all went out to dinner and pinkberry frozen yogurt. It was probably the most fun dinner outing we've had in months. The kids were so well behaved; the hubby and I were actually able to eat without being stressed. I think I told Mr. Howard about 50 times afterwards how fun it was and how it gave me hope in the future that we'd be able to go out to eat and have it be purely enjoyable.


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