Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Weekend

The other day we were feeding the babies and Aiden got baby food in his hair. We gave him a quick impromptu bath in the sink. All three of my kids LOVE the water (unless they're getting a swimming lesson...ha!).
 We have a Disneyland Countdown going in our kitchen right now! This was the first day I put it up. But it's getting shorter and no longer touching the counter. I don't know how much Connor understands what it is that we're counting down, but he likes taking off a link each morning and tells me we're going to Cars Land (not sure he knows what this is). We're so excited!
 It's virtually impossible for me to get a photo with the kids now. They are wiggle worms to the max!
 On pinterest I saw this idea to put pipe cleaners in a strainer to work on fine motor. Connor had a lot of fun, and now I'm going to try to get him to weave the pipe cleaners.
 The babies just liked pulling the pipe cleaners out.
 Connor always comes home with the cutest projects from school, but this one was just so cute. See the popsicle stick with a head? It's a river otter! When I said it was a river otter, Connor kept trying to correct me to tell me it's an animal. So funny! He kept asking me if I saw the sticks in the water. He was so proud that he actually asked me to take a photo!
 On Sunday we went to pick out paint colors. Do you see how excited Isabella is? Yeah; I was excited too until Mr. Howard only wanted to look at beiges. Grrrrrrr.
Such a fun weekend


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Cute fun shots :) Beige is not for me either;/

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