Monday, July 30, 2012

Connor: Potty Training Days 1-5

If you don't like words like potty, pee, poop. This post might not be for you!

I have mentioned before that Connor has been beyond ready to be completely potty trained. Even in a diaper he has been telling us when he needs to go potty pretty regularly. We had planned to do it the summer the twins arrived. And then, well. We had twins! So we knew this was the summer to do it! Initially I had planned on doing it the very first week of my summer break. I even started for a whole day. And then I remembered that we were going to Disneyland. I honestly thought it'd be so impractical to try to potty train him right before putting him the car for 7 hours. And I thought it'd be more confusing to him if I let him be in diapers while we were in the car and at the park. So I delayed it again. We officially started the day we got back from Disneyland.

Below: First Potty Training Chart
I had meant to create a potty chart and go buy cute, matching stickers. And then, well... Life happened. So I quickly went and printed a free one from the computer, went to my scrapbooking stickers, and grabbed what I could find. My selection was dismal, but I found some cute driving stickers. And we started on July 25th. On the 26th, I couldn't take the mismatched stickers any longer, so I had the hubby pick some more that matched a little better. And then I created my own potty chart because I didn't love the one that I found. The free printable one I found had these boxes which were too small and there were only 7 for each day. Connor was filling those up. I know. I'm obsessive. And crazy. My husband gives me such a hard time because when I put the kids down for naps and bedtime, I stay up creating potty charts, and blogging. Oh well. Good thing he's married to me.
Below: New Potty Chart
It wasn't much better. I still ran out of room.
It *may* have had something to do with the ridiculously big Cars stickers we used

Here's how it went:
Wednesday, July 25th - Started after naptime!
  • No Accidents!
  • 6 pees and 1 poop
Thursday, July 26th - all day (diaper at naptime)
  • One Pee Accident during afternoon snack
  • 8 pees and 1 poop
  • We even went on a one-hour car ride and had NO ACCIDENTS!!!
Friday, July 27th - all day (diaper at naptime)
  • No Accidents
  • 6 pees and 0 poops
  • We went on a two-hour car ride in the morning and had NO ACCIDENTS!
  • We took the twins to their well baby visit (we left the house at 1:30 and got home at 3:30) and didn't have a single accident!
Saturday, July 28th - all day (diaper at naptime)
  • 2 Accidents (a slight reversion)
  • 6 pees and 1 poops
  • One accident was the car ride that we took to my mom's. I totally forgot to remind him to go potty before we got in the car (Hey! I'm a rookie!)
Sunday, July 29th - all day (diaper at naptime)
  • No Accidents
  • 7 pees and 2 poops
  • We didn't go anywhere today. I thought it'd be good to have a day at home (given the accidents yesterday)
Connor was super motivated by the stickers. We did give one m&m each time the first couple days, but then stopped and just kept doing the stickers. That was motivation enough. I have talked to a few friends who all say that the reversion is totally normal. Two steps forward. One back. We're still doing diapers at naptime and bedtime - mainly because I'm not ready to take him out of his crib yet. Don't judge. I have three kids three-years-old and younger and naptime and bedtime are my only breaks. =)


Page Cole said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey, I am a huge fan of leaving them in their cribs as long as possible, so no judgement from me!! It sounds like he is doing WONDERFULLY!! We've had some slight regressions as well, but, like you said, I think that's to be expected. Congrats, Connor!!

Kristy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Way to go Connor! I agree with leaving them in the crib as long as possible.

Kathe said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates


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