Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 2 of our Trip

Saturday, July 21st the babies got up bright and early! 5:30am early!! Mr. Howard, Aiden, Isabella, and me played on the floor in our room - so we didn't wake up my mom or Mr. Howard's mom.

Grandma made them the most adorable shirts to wear!!
After a few more hours of sleep for everyone else, coffee, the parking structure, and mastering the stroller/tram procedures, we headed into Disney!!
We bought three-day park hopper passes and divided out the days and where we wanted to go. We spent the whole first day in Disneyland.

My mom participated in a synchronized stroller parade with the Mad Hatter and Alice (in Wonderland) with the twins! Can you see her with the yellow stroller? It was SO funny!
A picture of my little family of five!

And our whole traveling circus:
 The very first ride we took the babies on was Snow White's Scary Adventures!!
Afterwards we went on a few more rides in Fantasy Land, including Connor's VERY FIRST roller coaster ever, called Gadchet's Go Coaster (isn't it funny how a ride is so boring, until you're sitting with a 3-year-old seeing it through their eyes? I love it!).

But then, we went to meet Mickey Mouse!!!!

And Minnie Mouse!!!
And then went on some more rides!

 After a few rides, Connor started to figure out that maybe some of the rides were a little scary!
By this time, Jen and Brett joined us and we could not have been more excited! Jen is a major Disneyland expert and she's always so helpful about what rides we should get fastpasses for, which ones we can do in which areas, etc.
After that, we went to Rainforest Cafe for lunch! He loved the bird!

Connor was enthralled with the fish!
 My brother and Rebecca came up from San Diego to come to Disneyland with us too! We were so happy they joined us!
 My friend Amy came too, but I did not get a single photo of her. SORRY AMY!! She was very cute though! =)
Then my mom and mother-in-law SUPER SWEETLY offered to take the kids back to the hotel for their naps. It was so sweet and Mr. Howard and I were able to go on rides that had height limits higher than 38 inches (hehe) with Jen, Brett, Colin, and Rebecca.
After naps, my mom and Kathe came back to Disneyland and we went on more rides and hung out. Jen and Brett had to leave to go take care of their pups, so we decided it was a good time to transition for dinner.

We settled on the French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square. The only photo I have is one Connor took of Mr. Howard and I while the rest of my family was inside ordering their food.
The photo seriously cracks me up!

After dinner, Mr. Howard and I took the kids back to the condo. While we were gone, my mom, Kathe, Colin, and Rebecca went on some rides and watched the fireworks show! It was a long day, but magical!

*I'm trying really hard not to be vain, but geesh! I've thrown that top away. Talk about unflattering... (Plus the embroidery ripped after a few rides!). These pictures also make it incredibly clear that I need to lose the rest of the my twin baby weight. Grrrrr. I think I actually look about 10 pounds lighter in day 3's photos.*


Vanessa Innes said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It looks like Day 2 was a success! and I actually liked that embroidered top on you!

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

oh em gee....shut up! you look beautiful and I agree with Vanessa...I like the shirt on you! =) So glad day 2 was a good experience. Love the pic Connor took of you. Some of my fave pics are the ones my kids took of us (or themselves!!) Looking forward to day 3!

The Schult Family said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Did Mr Howard take the picture of you all on the Snow White ride? If so, I am impressed he got all of you in the photo! Thanks for sharing all the pics and details:)
I agree - that embroidered top is awesome!...D

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