Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June 30th - Happy Birthday

By the end of this month, you're going to be so sick of birthday posts. By August, you will have read posts on Aiden and Isabella's actual birthday, their birthday party, Connor's birthday, and his party. Whew! That's a lot of birthdays. Three birthdays in an eight day span. If you include my birthday in there, it's four birthdays in 33 days. All three of my kids were *blessed/cursed* with summer birthdays. Poor babies. ;-)

"Ooh look Aiden. You have something on your head!"
 "So do you, Isabella!"
 "Look Aiden, I can see you THROUGH my birthday crown. Impressed?"
 My handsome one-year-old!
My beautiful one-year-old:
Connor was a little monkey and wouldn't get in the picture with us! 
 My adorable sister and me:
 Handsome Hubby and Birthday Babes:
 Uncle Denny, Aiden, Bella, and Aunt Katie: 
 Opening presents with babies:
 Aren't birthday cards the tastiest?!?
 Aiden doesn't think they're that tasty:
 Izzy was a little more thrilled with the dress than she was the card:
 The boys! Look at Isabella in the background. Ha!
 Izzy's purple Little Mermaid Dress:
I love this one below because they're finally starting to really interact with each other. I'll have to post a video of them "talking" to each other the other day. So cute.

 And even though it was the babies' birthday, my mom couldn't NOT get my other handsome boy something. He got a mickey shirt and he was so excited (do you see his excited face?!?):
 It was so cute. Connor sat with Uncle Denny and read to him for like 30 minutes. So cute.


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Ha, who could ever get sick of these cuties :)

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