Friday, July 6, 2012

Mishmash of Our Day-to-Day Life

It's amazing how one second the twins weren't crawling at all. And now they're crawling ALL OVER the place. Aiden is just a little mover. You can set him down in the kitchen while you're cooking, stir something on the stove, and turn around to find he's half way across the family room.
 Because of this fact, the dogs are obsessed with him. They think it's so funny to get in his way, or lick him. I'm happy for them because man they do not like big brother. And I don't blame them. Big brother is always bossing them around or tattle telling on them (Mama, the dogs are on the couch!...Mama, the dogs won't go outside!...Harley, go outside...Harley, come inside... Jake don't touch my toy...Jake go outside...). Poor things; they can't keep up with his wants.
 Isabella learned how to go from crawling to sitting up and so she crawls a whole lot less. She's just more content, in general, at sitting. She's the child I can set down and do a million errands and come back and she's sitting in the same spot just happily playing with her hair bow or some toy she found. Funnily enough though, she's the "difficult" one at daycare. She cries until she's held and won't play independently. It always shocks me when they tell me that she just wanted to be held ALL DAY, because that is so not how she is when she's at home.
 Aiden is SO close to getting on his hands and knees to crawl. He regularly gets on his knees when he's hanging out, but then goes back on his tummy when he actually starts moving!
 I go back and forth on whether or not Isabella is a Daddy's girl. She seems to be content with me or Daddy or, more importantly, whoever will love on her.
 Can I just tell you this melts my heart?!? I've always wanted Mr. Howard to be a daddy to a little girl. I think mostly because I know he will tell her she's beautiful and raise her to be strong and independent and CONFIDENT. I think we need more women out there like that!
 Of course, he's an amazing daddy to Aiden and Connor too. I love that he's the type of daddy to kiss his boys and tell them he loves them. I want them to see that they can be strong, rough and tumble boys who love cars, and camping, and sports...but also say "I love you" to their partners and kids and cuddle...and watch romance movies (if they want).
 You can tell these pictures were taken that day I posted the video of them talking. This is them interacting. Oh it just melts my heart!
 That evening the boys (Daddy, Aiden, and Connor) went to get pizza and Izzy and I stayed for book club! She LOVED playing with the gate. This kept her entertained for about 15 minutes while I got wine ready, dinner started, etc.
Here were the photos I uploaded to instagram that night:

It was such a fun night. I made a new chicken recipe which I kind of love (my mom recommended it to me). It was in a cookbook of hers that she had from a million years ago - no seriously, it looked like it was a wedding gift 40 years ago). =)

We read Saving CeeCee Honeycut for this past Book Club. Some of us loved it and some of us were sort of neutral. I fell into the more neutral category because I definitely thought there were parts that were put in there for weird reasons. But I adored the characters. Man, I want an Oletta in my life. I felt a little bad because it was a book I picked and I wasn't totally enamoured with it.

The next book we're reading is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (who wrote Seabiscuit). It's a biography on a man during the World War II era. I'm already 100 pages in and I'm liking it. My favorite part about book club is that I read books I would never think to read on my own. A biography? World War II? Not really my thing. But man is it captivating! Kira, I think you'd like this!

And lastly, we're getting ready for Disneyland. I'm actually going to spend today getting lists together and such. Here is our countdown. It's getting pretty exciting around here. Connor is slightly confused and asked me yesterday if we were going to Cars Land when we got in the car. The whole "we'll be going to cars land when all the paper is gone on our countdown" doesn't seem to be sinking in. Oh well. I tried.
Alright, now I'm off to get the kids ready for school. Connor's bringing in cupcakes for his 3rd birthday tomorrow. He has asked me 100 times since Tuesday if "today" was the day he was bringing in "upcakes!" He'll be so excited when I wake him up and show him! I posted a photo on our Facebook Page. I'm sure I'll post the pictures sometime soon in a post about Connor's birthday.


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That is how my kids are also right when I really freak out that they are not doing what they should be they take off. We are trying so much to get Joseph to talk, all he will say is Holly...our dogs name :) Yeaaaa for Disney land. You will have so much fun! We usually go once a year because of the southern CA resident deals but we did not go this year. The kids will have a blast :)

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Oooo, this does look good!

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