Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday re-cap. What we've been up to.

I have brought meals to two Mothers of Multiples in the last week and I'm bringing another meal to another twin mama on Monday. I always feel bad about what I CAN'T do to help out, but making a dish is something that's totally do-able and makes me feel like I'm giving a frazzled mama a nice break. The last two moms have had older kids about the same age as Connor and I know those moms need it even more!
I posted about what we did on Saturday HERE.

In the morning on Sunday, we took Connor for a much needed hair cut!!!!

I combed his hair down - so you could see the length before.
In the afternoon, we took the kids to the park. It's impossible to capture my little wild three-year-old, but I did get cute photos of the twins.

The both hated, HATED the grass. Aiden went so far as to sit with his legs out in front of him not touching the grass. Talk about amazing stomach muscles.
 Izzy loves the swings - as in, full belly giggles you can hear from 20 feet away.
Remember that illusive three-year-old I said I couldn't capture on camera? Well, I did capture him in the last one. His finger, anyway. He wanted to "help" me take a picture of the babies.
 Hope you had just as relaxing and wonderful as a weekend.


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