Monday, August 20, 2012

Our favorite stalker

Mr. Howard met him in a bike shop when they were in high school. They each worked at different bike shops run by the same shop owner and went on bike rides together. His name was Casey and he was the same age and had the same interests as Mr. Howard. After a few bike rides, they became friends.

A few years later, after I moved to Irvine to go to school, Casey and Mr. Howard both moved up to Orange County so Mr. Howard could be near me. While I officially lived in the sorority house, I spent lots of nights and days at their apartment with them (probably much to Casey's dismay).

A few years after that, Mr. Howard and I got engaged and moved up to Davis so that I could get my masters degree and a teaching credential. At that time, after years of living in Orange County, Casey moved around and settled in Wyoming for a while. Years later, after Mr. Howard and I bought a home and had our first baby, Casey once again followed us and moved about 20 minutes from our house.
We just can't get rid of him, hence the nickname ("our favorite stalker"). Ha!

In Northern California, he settled down, created a business plan, opened a mobile bike shop, and found the love of his life. Several months later, he proposed to her under the Golden Gate Bridge. After planning their wedding, he asked my husband to be his best man.

I was honored to attend her Bridal Shower Wednesday, August 8th. Unfortunately, because I had all three kids with me by myself, the only photo I got was of me on my way.

Then on August 10th at 6:00pm, Casey married her and officially became a husband and Daddy.

Mr. Howard was honored to stand beside his friend of over thirteen years while he said "I Do" to the only woman we have ever known to totally capture Casey's heart.

Here are some pictures from the evening:
(My camera was SUPER dark. I actually threw away the SD card after this because I found that the card was bad. Now I wonder if THAT's what affected the photos. Hopefully the photographer took better ones).

After meeting the sitter (it was the first time we ever left all three kids with a sitter), I hopped in my car and made the 1.5 hour drive out to the country:
Casey and Mr. Howard got everything set up and then got dressed:
 And then the wedding started
 The bridesmaids and groomsmen:

 Casey's new Family:

 Partying the night away
Having a sitter for nine hours, meant we had a date night of our own...
Congratulations, Casey and Jessica! We love you.


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You are absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful wedding!

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