Sunday, August 19, 2012


If you would have asked me in July of 2011 whether or not I wanted the twins to walk, you undoubtedly would have heard me say, "I don't want them to walk until they're three!" Of course I was being cheeky; but the thought of having three kids walking around, getting into everything, overwhelmed me. Eleven months later, when they still hadn't crawled, I regretted those words. How silly and limited of me to think that walking was such an inconvenience. And now, almost fourteen months later, if you'd ask me the same question, I'd say, "Chasing a kid (or kids) around who are getting into everything - is a privilege!"

I am honored to say that we have now entered that phase with Aiden. He isn't completely walking on his own. But he is so close. Don't believe me? Stop by our house and see all the bumps and bruises on his forehead.

A few days ago, he experimented with letting me go. Miraculously, I caught a photo of it!! This is literally the very first time he ever let go and stood for a few seconds.

When you think of your child walking, you think they will start by taking a step, look at you with excitement in their eyes, and then perhaps sit and rest. Moments later, they will stand up and try again - maybe this time taking two steps. And then three. And then, maybe a week later, you will have a walker. The reality is a lot more loud, with a lot of tears, and perhaps some tantrums. What you think should take a day or two, takes 6 or 7. And the moment in which you can proudly declare that you have a walker - well, that moment is difficult to pinpoint. Is it when they take one step? Two? Eight?

In our house, the luxury of learning to walk slowly is not an option. Not because we're drill sergeants or because we have walking boot camps set up in our house. No. Worse. We have tile. In our house, it's a sink or swim type of walking approach. If you don't learn quickly, you will be scarred for life with bumps and bruises and images of tile coming straight at you flashing in your head for weeks. As a mama who is pretty laid back, the tile still scares me. Everyone has heard stories of head traumas that seem relatively low key and end in trips to the hospital...or worse.

Still, I know it's possible to learn to walk under such circumstances and I'm thrilled that Aiden is experimenting with steps. I prayed for this and it is easy to look at it as such an inconvenience (now I have to baby proof I have to take stuff off tables...) but I refuse to think of it as anything less than a miracle.

Yep, that's right, folks. Miracles, be them small ones, are happening over here in The Howard Bunch household.

I was only able to capture a little bit of where we're at. But Aiden is actually experimenting with letting go of the couch to take a step to the coffee table, etc. Shall we place bets on how long until he's walking?


Kristy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Go Aiden Go!!

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

YEAH! I love and hate when my babies walk :) I was so excited for my 1 year old to walk and so we pushed him early and he was walking at 10 months (oops!) and now it is soooooo hard :-)

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