Sunday, August 26, 2012


I teach a technology elective and right now my kids are making videos. In order to lower the demand and group sizes, I brought in my own personal camera to add to the ones I already had. So, of course, I left my camera at work this weekend. All these photos are from my iPhone.

We always try to make the most out of our weekends with Daddy home. Things have been so stressful with Mr. Howard's car. Thing after thing...after thing...keeps breaking on it. And man-oh-man are little things expensive! That's what you get for getting a used car and not buying the insurance (but, if you remember, we had a mini cooper when we found out we were having twins - so we had to get out of the car quickly and with no extra money since we were going to be trippling our daycare costs). So, needless to say, we needed an escape this weekend. Something to take our mind off of cars and money.

We have memberships to the zoo - so we headed there first.

On route
Walking to the zoo:
 At the Zoo:
Didn't you know that stroller straps are delicious?!? 
 We stopped for some cotton candy. Aiden loved it; Izzy hated it; and Connor was super confused by it!
 This was the first time Connor actually made some pretty advanced correlations between animals. He really understood what the zoo was about!
 Watching the monkeys:
 Connor could have sat there for 30 minutes just watching the monkeys:
 He always loves the giraffes:
 Aiden was a little less impressed with the zoo...and the stroller. He had to take a stroller break about half way through.
 Connor loved the snow leopard and lions!
After the zoo, we headed over to my parent's house (they've been gone for almost three weeks in Canada and New York). We took two of the cutest videos:
 Video #1:

Video #2:

After looking at that second video, it made me wonder why God doesn't give everyone twins. I mean, seriously. How amazing that they'll have each other!!!
Aiden has become quite the little walker. I need to still take a video of him walking without holding onto anything. He'll take about 6-7 steps before he falls.
After their naps, we took them to target to grocery shop!
People always give us one of two comments
(1) Wow. What a blessing. (or something to that effect)
 Or 2: I don't know how you do it with twins. I could never do it.
That second comment gets me everytime. Really? You couldn't do it? What would you do? Leave one on the curb? Yes you could. You'd do it the same way we did. Patience. Humility. More patience. Tears. Laughter. And some more patience.
Boy has our life changed. But no one can ever say it's boring.


Pam said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The twin comment that gets me is "Are they twins?". Really?! As I stand there with TWO babies the same size.

I just want to say "No, I just had them at the same time you idiot" When I'm feeling sassy I say "No, the hospital had a two for one sale!"

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