Friday, August 3, 2012

What We've Been Up To

  • I updated THIS post with our June/July Goals. I didn't complete one of them (organizing the kids' closets) and only half completed another (painting living room).
  • On the way home from Disneyland, my "check engine" light came on. Mr. Howard had to spend a few hours, but he fixed it (it had something to do with the air filter and maybe my gas tank? Ha! I have no idea really).
  • Then, Mr. Howard's "check engine" light came on along with several others and his car overheated. When he went to check it, radiator fluid exploded on his face. He had a cracked radiator and a broken thermostat. After getting a $1200 quote, he fixed it himself for about $200. Thank goodness for handy hubbies!!! How on earth does he even know how to replace a radiator and thermostat?!?
  • I provided two meals to friends after getting back from Disneyland. One was to a new mama of twins! Oh my goodness; they were so tiny! And one was to a teacher friend who had surgery.
  • I have an exit interview for my 6 unit class I am taking. In order to cross over on the payscale, I need 75 units and according to my calculations, I have 75.03 units. Gosh I hope I'm right...or else I won't get the pay raise until next year and I will be SOOOOOOOOOO stinkin' sad.
  • I celebrated my 29th birthday on Wednesday!!!! One more year until I'm 30. I have never ever been one of those people who loathes birthdays or fears being 30. I am so happy with my accomplishments and I don't have one ounce of regret about where I am at 30. I feel so blessed. Here's one photo from my day that I uploaded to instagram. I know it isn't the most flattering or glamorous, but it perfectly captures my life. Crazy. Unplanned. Fun. Chaotic.
  • We had our IFSP (individual family service plan) meeting for Aiden and Isabella on Thursday morning and it went really well. We now have a plan with specific goals for them to achieve through therapy. I am feeling optimistic.
  • Hi. My name is Mrs. Howard and I am an instagram addict. Seriously. I figured out a way to add it to facebook with their new page tabs. Go to my facebook page for the blog. There is now a tab (Here is the link if you need it) called "Instagram" at the top of the page.
  • Mr. Howard's best friend is getting married next week and it is also my first week of school. Whoa! Where did summer go? We have SUCH a busy week ahead of us. It is also the first time we are going to have an actual babysitter (friends and family don't count) come to our house to take care of all three of the kids.
  • We had Connor's very last swim lesson on the 30th. It was by far the best lesson we've had to date. Our instructor was so fabulous (I work with her) and I just adored her, but Connor struggled during the lessons. He was afraid (a current theme in all aspects of his life - not just the pool) and it just seemed to be tough. He would get in the pool for 15 minutes and then beg to get out. Such a bummer. I'm already thinking about what we can do differently for Aiden and Izzy. I'm thinking of starting them earlier? Maybe at 2 instead?
  • After my last post, I had to do my laundry. I was so embarassed!
  • I found THE MOST AMAZING tabs from the Martha Stewart Collection at Staples. I used them on all my new teaching binders. I am in love. Find them HERE.
  • I was in the middle of printing all my coursework for the 6 unit independent study course, when I dumped coffee all over my keyboard this morning. Ahhhh. Thankfully we had another keyboard in the office. What a klutz I am!
  • And the MOST EXCITING news of all? I have a giveaway planned in August. You do not have to be a follower to enter the giveaway, but you will earn extra entries if you are. So make sure you join my Google Friend Connect on the left side of my webpage (click "Join This Site"). I am so excited to share about it soon!!! I'll only leave you with one tiny hint. It's something that retails for $50! =)


Page Cole said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

ahhhh, swim lessons! we really need to do those for brayton, but i think he will act very much like connor because brayton has always been a cautious child. LOVE the pic of you and your babies! so sweet!

Tesha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So glad to hear you are feeling good about the twins IFSP. Happy Birthday :) you always look beautiful!

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You definitely sound busy busy. I hope that you get your raise and don't have to wait until next year!

Happy Late Birthday!! Enjoy your last year in your 20s...mine is coming to end and I so wanna cry :-)

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