Saturday, September 15, 2012

Date Night

For my birthday, my sister gave Mr. Howard and I a gift card to see a movie AND babysitting. Does she know me or what?!? The best possible gift you can give me, at this stage of my life, is an hour or two to recharge with my hubby! =)

Whenever we have someone watch the kids, we try to pick one thing to do - usually dinner. But this time, we asked Katie if she'd mind watching the kids so we could go to dinner AND a movie!
Before we left the house
 My sister took one before we left. Connor photobombed it (Aiden is to the left in his high chair)!
 And Isabella got in one!
 We met a friend from Mr. Howard's work and his girlfriend for sushi. It was so nice to have dinner with other adult company...and some adult drinks!!
 After dinner, our double date had to leave and we had some time to kill before our movie. So we went to the frozen yogurt place and split a delicious yogurt (with dark chocolate covered coffee beans). Oh my goodness.
 And then we went to the movies. (Photo below was taken in the dark theatre). We saw Campaign. It wasn't the most brilliant movie ever, but Zach Galifianakis's character was ridiculously funny.
My husband came before our kids; and he'll be there long after our kids leave the house. For us, and our sanity, we need these hours (even if it's just sitting and watching a movie together after the kids go to sleep) to remember why we love each other. It's easy to forget when you're feeling like the house is a mess, and the laundry isn't done, and you both are working full time jobs. Marriage takes work and we can both feel the difference when we're not doing the work we need to do! 


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So great you all got a date night!! :) Sounds great!!

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