Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Handy Hubby

I've sung the praises of my husband in terms of his handiness a time or two on this blog. I am so lucky. When my break pads go out, he knows how to fix them. When our toilet is leaking, he can spend an hour or two investigating and rig up some sort of fix. When we want to build something (like a raised patio), he can custom design it and build it!

So, when my sister needed her break pads changed, it was a no brainier. He quickly asked her how long had it been since she had changed her oil and planned to do that at the same time. During naptime on Sunday, he went and bought her front break pads and oil so that he could do it when she met me for book club (she left her car at our house and I drove her to book club). I checked in with him at around 8pm and he said he had fixed them, but just needed to test drive the car (which he couldn't do until we got home because the babies were sleeping).

When we got home, he took the car for a test drive and realized her rear break pads were completely gone! Gone, gone, gone - so he hurried to AutoZone before they closed. The top is a picture of what her break pads looked like; below is what they should look like.

What's even more strange is that her left ones are fine. It's only the right ones that were bad. So, anyway, after the front ones were so simple to change, he thought he could do the rear ones in about 15 minutes. Forty minutes later, when my sister and I hadn't heard from him, we went out to the garage to see what was the matter and the piston had come out of the caliper. After about ANOTHER 30 minutes of frustration, he finally got it to go back in. At this point it was 10:30 and we were very worried that it wouldn't get fixed, nor would she be able to make it to work the next day - so he decided she should call my mom to come get her.

After my mom came and got her, Mr. Howard finally got it all fixed. He was just finalizing a couple things (it was 11:30pm at this point) and started to get tired and sloppy. He made a sharp move and sliced open his finger pretty badly. I was about 99% sure he would need to go to the emergency room - but I was mostly scared about him because he was so lightheaded. The thought of him passing out petrified me. How on earth would I get him to the car?!? Thankfully, after being on hold with an advice nurse for a while, we got the bleeding to stop. (After Mr. Howard's accident a few years ago*, we have to be very conscious of staph infections - so that's the concern now). I am actually kinda shocked he didn't need stitches to suture the cut - because it is pretty deep (as in, I-really-try-not-to-look-at-it-because-it-makes-me-queasy-because-you-can-see-things-you-shouldn't-see-inside-his-thumb deep). You'd think I'd be an expert after having to pack the wound in his foot with gauze for 7 weeks. But, I'm not.

My sister felt so bad, which was silly because she had nothing to do with it breaking or Mr. Howard getting hurt - but thankfully, it's done and her car's all taken care of for a little while. =)

*For those who don't know, Mr. Howard crushed his foot in between a pallet jack and a wall and couldn't get it out, five years ago. His foot swelled so big, it was the size of his thigh. The swelling caused his skin to actually rip open and he had a 1.5 inch diameter wound at his ankle and was out of work for several months. It was right before our wedding and he was actually using a cane the day we got married (he did not use the cane in our ceremony). On our honeymoon (after beaches and sand and all sorts of adventures), we finally went to urgent care and it was determined he had an infection. He took antibiotics for weeks and it didn't fix it. Initially they told him he did not have staph, but then after about 6 weeks of antibiotics, they finally did diagnose him with a staph infection.


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I didnt know about your hubby's accident! Wow!

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