Monday, September 10, 2012

How many things can we fit into one weekend?

What a crazy weekend! On Saturday after the zoo, we went grocery shopping at target (and met the hubby's coworkers), took the kids out to lunch, and then went home for naps. After naps, I ran around trying to find a dress for a wedding I'm going to in two weekends. I haven't bought a new dress since before having kids and it was time to get something new! When I finally found something, we hurried home for dinner, bath, and bedtime. After putting the babies to bed, we watched The Lorax with Connor. Such a cute movie!

Then, Sunday we had to go back out to get more groceries (they were losing it after a long day at the zoo on Saturday and we only got half the things on our list). We came home and played for a bit. I made P.F. Changs Lettuce Wraps using this recipe for lunch. I didn't think they tasted like the real thing, but it was a nice change from what we normally eat for lunch. Afterwards, I put the kids down for a nap while Mr. Howard ran to Auto Zone to get oil for my car and then came home and did my oil change. I sat on the ground in the garage with him while he did it and we talked and talked (without any three-year-old or one-year-old interruptions!). Once the kids woke up from their naps, we played a little while and then I got changed and ready for book club. I thought since I was dressed nicely, I would try to get a picture with the kids. Ha!

Here's the first one:
And then we tried one with Connor. Ooh so much better.
And then we tried one with Isabella. There was no way she was going to look at the camera.
 Then Connor stood in front of me and begged me to take a photo of him. I said, "" and this was the face he made. Ha!
 I finally gave up on the photo taking and captured this very sweet moment of play between Aiden and Isabella (who both decided to take a very strong "No Pants" stance!).
 And then because you can never have too many photos with your hubby...
 Oh my goodness. I had to include this one. The hubby said that since we weren't getting any good ones of me with the kids, he'd just take one of me. Look what little missy wanted in on the action. Oh goodness. She is adorable.
 And then, finally my sister arrived for book club! We got a quick picture with Aiden (Oh my goodness!! He's looking at the camera!!). Of course we won't talk about the fact that I have water all over my shirt because one of the children decided to put their oatmeal on me.
This month, for book club, we read Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassant. I'm so glad I read it - because it definitely made the movie a lot more enjoyable. If you would have asked me before book club whether or not I liked period pieces or historical fiction, I probably would have shrugged my shoulders. "Ehhh?" I would have said. But let me tell you. I think, aside from love and romance, historical fiction is my thing. I wasn't a huge fan of the main character in Bel Ami, Georges Duroy; he was a corrupt and manipulative man and I hated the way that women had to rely on their husbands for wealth and power in the late 1800's; but I was fascinated with Paris, all the social climbing, and how adultery was a crime punishable under the law.
My absolute favorite part about book club is just reading all these books I would never think to read - well, that and the wine and good company with fun girls! I'm so thankful people wanted to join me in my Book Club adventure! If any of my local friends want to join our group, just let me know!! =)
While my sister and I were gone, Mr. Howard changed my sister's oil and changed her break pads - which will have to be a post for another day - because that was its own adventure.


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