Sunday, September 16, 2012

Therapy Week 1

The backstory. Several months ago, I noticed that the babies weren't meeting their milestones. They'd meet it a month or two late and I'd feel a sense of relief, but then the next milestone would come along and again they wouldn't meet it. It was enough to make me worry (the worrying is nothing new), but I worried ENOUGH that I emailed our pediatrician. He confirmed my fears and referred me to a pediatric development specialist, who sent us surveys. After answering questions like, "when giving your child a pen/crayon/pencil, does he/she try to scribble on a paper?" and "does your baby balance, while holding onto a wall or table and bend down to pick up a fallen object?", we heard back that the babies were behind - but didn't qualify. I had this Mama gut feeling that I needed to pursue other resources and so I contacted ALTA regional services (our early intervention services provided by our state). Not only did they confirm that the babies were delayed, but also that they qualified for 2-3 hour weekly therapy services and 2-3 hour monthly OT services. I can't tell you what a sense of relief it was. Up until then, I felt crazy. More specifically, I felt judged. I either got the "you're being a crazy, over-worrier Mama who won't let her kids just do things at their own pace," reaction or the "Oh, goodness. Your kids aren't walking yet?!? Mine have been speaking in complete sentences fluently in English and Mandarin Chinese for months" reaction.

So, finally after a month of trying to coordinate schedules, the babies had their first therapy session on Tuesday. The provider we're using is under-staffed and it's been difficult trying to find a day and time that will work. (I don't know how parents do it who both have inflexible jobs!). We're blessed in that Mr. Howard has some flexibility with his schedule and can work nights on the days when the babies receive therapy, but it's going to be a bit of a challenge to figure it out. We feel wonderfully lucky, however, that the services are there for kids who need a little extra boost!

Aiden did so well that the therapist thinks it might be good to not have him come next week. So, instead we're going to send Aiden and Connor into daycare & preschool - and then that'll give Isabella some undivided attention. What we're seeing now (which is common with twins) is that when you ask Isabella to do something, she turns and looks at her brother. Or, for instance, if a toy rolls away from her, she turns to look at Aiden because she knows he'll walk over and get it. We just want her to know that she is capable of doing it on her own - and, of course, we want her to be independent too!

We really like our therapist and so we're confident that this is going to be a good fit for us and our family.


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Great news. I'm glad this is working out, and, most importantly, that YOU are feeling better. :-)

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