Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apparently I don't learn lessons easily

Last week, I fed the kids dinner and started the process of bringing the kids to the bath. I had Connor and Aiden in the bathtub (disclaimer: I undress the kids and put them in the tub with their toys and NO water. Once I have all the kids in the tub, I turn on the water) and came back to grab Izzy. Well, guess what? Little Miss had decided to help herself to Connor's left over spaghetti with butter and Parmesan cheese (he dumps about a cup of Parmesan cheese anytime we give him pasta). It was a DISASTER! Luckily we have two dogs who were more than happy to help cleanup the floor. 
 I guess now we know what we need to start feeding her in order to get her to gain weight...Girlfriend thought Parmesan Cheese was the most AMAZING food she had ever tasted. When I took the plate from her she was SO upset!
The following week when I gave Connor pasta again, he brought it over to the coffee table unbeknownst to me. I was cleaning up Aiden and Isabella's highchairs, when I turned around to see this. I posted it on instagram with the title, "I guess I should be happy that (a) he's sharing and (b) she's eating. We'll ignore the part where there's pasta all over my coffee table!!!"
He was literally handing her handfuls of pasta at a time and saying, "Here Izzy. Eat some paaasta!" and she was stuffing it into her mouth as quickly as she could. I'm now wondering if I can use this same Parmesan strategy with other foods. High calorie foods. Hmmm. Avocado doused in Parmesan Cheese? Sounds good to me.

While I'm talking about getting Isabella to eat...
We did another weight check. On October 11th she weighed 18 pounds 3.6 ounces. On August 23rd she weighed 17 lb 2.7 oz. So it was a net weight gain of about a pound in 7 weeks. It's not horrible; but it means that we'll be back again for another weight check in another month AND it means that she still can't sit forward facing yet in the car. I don't think it's fair to move Aiden and not her, so we're delaying switching out their carseats for another month. 

We also had her tested for anemia (the developmental specialist ordered the test because he was worried that her health and weight might be affecting her development). It came back fine. Her result was 33.4 and the normal range is 33 - 39. She's still on iron supplemented formula though...so we may have to reevaluate it once she's off formula. 


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Love that girl! I can't wait to see her personality develop! I like that she knows what she wants :)....D

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