Monday, October 1, 2012

Connor - 3 years 3 months

Connor always wants to take a chair photo when we take them of the babies. So I had him hop in one! He is ridiculously cute!

Connor is saying all sorts of amazing things. The other day he conveyed emotion to me. He said, "Mama, I sooo sad." When I asked him what was making him sad, he said between tears, "I so sad, because I miss my Daddy." He was disappointed because I had picked him up from school and he thought his Daddy was. Oops. He loves to whine and will do it every hour of the day if you don't say, "Excuse me? Kind words..." He'll then repeat his sentence in a soft nice voice. Ha! Why he goes for whining first I have no idea?!? He loves riding his balance bike and is so good at it. He can go quite fast. We haven't yet let him take it outside. Mostly because of the weather.

He loves playing with his little brother and sister and is ALWAYS helping me by getting me diapers, bottles, or throwing things away. On Saturday morning, I had a little accident (I'll write a post about it) and I started choking. I sat on the ground and threw up and Connor stood behind me and rubbed my back and said, "Mama, you okay??" He asked me if I needed a "towel" and went to get me a paper towel. He has stopped saying, "thank you" and instead wants to say, "thanks!" He tried calling me "mom" recently, but I told him that wasn't my name. Ha! I'm not ready to have my three-year-old transitioning from "mama" to "mom" yet!!! He's still my baby!!!! He is very sensitive. If he thinks he's in trouble, he'll look very sad and start to cry. I once yelled at the dogs (who were on he COUNTER eating all my DINNER!!!!) and Connor burst out into tears because he thought I was yelling at him. Later he said, "Mama you scared me. You were yelling!" Poor thing. He is always asking people if they are okay and saying the sweetest, kindest things like "I love you, baby. You're sweet." If Mr. Howard has a scrape or a bump, Connor will ask him regularly if he's okay and rub his arm or back and sweetly, in a soft voice, say "I love you!" It's amazing how kids pick up empathy from watching the adults show it to each other. Of course, he also yells at his siblings and tells them not to touch his toys...not to stand where they're standing...not to get near the table...not to get on his blanket. You know, basically anything. Ha! Just keeping it real...

And because they were in matching outfits, I thought a comparison would be fun!!

 I think he has also finally figured out how to do a posed, but still natural looking smile (instead of the crazy smile he was doing before)!

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