Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh Canada

My whole family went to my cousin's wedding in Canada at the end of summer. Mr. Howard and I couldn't go because it was my first day of the school year and we were SOO bummed to miss it. (We may get an opportunity to go to Canada in the Spring of this year if he is chosen as one of the executives who get to go  to help open the Target Canada division...feel free to say a prayer or two for him about that). But my sister didn't want our kids to be left out, so she brought back these adorable onesies for the twins. We took these photos and then sent them to my cousin and my principal growing up (who also lives in Canada).
I think they could be poster children for Canada, eh?
That bottom right photo above isn't the best one, but I was trying to quickly capture the fact that he reached out for her hand. He tried to hold her hand as he climbed off the couch. So sweet. 


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