Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fingers crossed...eyes shut tight...lots of prayers

After nine days of our house being on the market and 15 showings, we accepted an offer last night. Part of the offer is that we close in 20 days, but rent back our house for three months while we potentially build a house (I don't think I ever mentioned that the house I fell in love with was a model home...so now we need to see if we can purchase the perfect lot for us and start building!). Of course, it's not a done deal yet. There are still rental agreements to write, inspections to be had, and lots more paperwork to be done. But it's a great start. And then, of course, we'll still need to sit down with the home builders and mortgage brokers of our potential new house and see if it's realistic given our budget, but I'm excited about the possibility. We'll be praying for all to go well. Mr. Howard and I went out to breakfast to celebrate this morning.
Has anyone ever looked at a model and built one? The builder and location we've found is a KB home. I have some questions I'd love to ask someone who has been there, even if you haven't worked with KB before.

I have been fighting off this major bug. Yesterday by the evening, I had the shakes and what appeared to be a fever (our thermometer broke) again. This morning I've felt out of breath and a little dizzy at times. My left leg is so stinkin' sore, which is why I think I've got some version of the flu with body aches. Mr. Howard's brother and sister-in-law arrive tomorrow, so I've got to get this under control (hopefully I can take a nap in a little bit!). The good news is that it's not dehabilitating. I can still go out and do the things I need to do: grocery shop, cook dinner, sign offer agreements on the house, go to see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, you know, the important things. I'm just exhausted by the end of the day.

I'll be happy not to have to keep finding places to go with all these house showings, though. We've been to Target so much, I secretly wonder if they've seen on us on their security cameras and thought, "THEY'RE BACK???"
It's especially hard when we've got the two dogs with us. That completely limits where we can go.
One of the days we had two showings that were half an hour apart (so total of two hours) and it was raining out. We couldn't take the kids to the park and couldn't leave the dogs outside, so we went to sonic burger and sat in the car for an hour. Then drove around with three kids, two adults, two dogs, and pouring rain. Did I mention it was naptime? Ha! At least we indulged in a naughty treat - butterfinger blast. Mmmm.
We are infinitely blessed to have had our house go so quickly. Of course, it all could change tomorrow, but I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I can take a little break from house showings for Thanksgiving.


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In my other life (before kids) I worked for an engineering firm and one of our guys was solely dedicated to KB warranty issues, it was the only builder we had such a person for, and he was kept quite busy...11 yrs later, he is still there. HOWEVER, the same things can really be said for ANY builder. As you know living in a "tract" house...the inspector comes and looks at 1 and signs off on 3. The good thing watching it be built is that you can nit pick and make it all just right and perfect before you take keys. It would be sooooo exciting watching your home be built from the ground up, everything brand new...just as you want it! We will pray that your wishes are granted! =)

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