Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mothers of Multiples Halloween Event

I've been so crazy busy lately that I feel like I'm always playing catch up. Eek. The weekend before Halloween we had a MoMs event. I posted some of these pictures in my linkup with Kelly's Korner, but I didn't blog about the actual event.
We had so much fun! Connor was going like a crazy person, so I have very few photos of him.
The twins dressed up as sushi!
 I love these swings. They're PERFECT for twins. Those are ladybug twins, Grace and Ana, behind them.
 Connor is very into pushing the babies on the swings right now!
 Doesn't Aiden look so funny in his adorable costume? He looks like SUCH a big boy!!!

 Aiden is always go, go, going!
 Daddy and his Babies:
 One of the moms in our group is a librarian, so she did a version of Mother Goose Time with stories and singing for the kids and they loved it.
 They had donuts and juice and Connor was in Heaven.
 Aiden and Me:
 I love taking pictures that show the real hight of the kids. Isn't this a sweet picture of Isabella Lynn and Daddy?


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