Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Little Punkins

I completely meant to post these before Halloween.

Last Sunday we went and got pumpkins.
I think every year I promise that we're never going to carve pumpkins again and every year I do it. This year, however, the only thing we "carved" was one pumpkin and all we did was cut the top off and carve two leg holes. I like almost every single thing about Fall and Winter, except pumpkin guts. We'll blame my OCD tendencies on my dad and while we're at it, I'll just go ahead and blame him for my hate of pumpkin carving (ugh! It's sooo messy). I think I'll like it a whole lot better when the kids don't mind touching the insides...but right now I have to do three times the amount of work!

First, Miss Isabella Lynn got in. She didn't like the texture at first, but once we started laughing, she was pretty pleased with herself!
Next was Aiden. He hated, hated, hated being inside the pumpkin. He didn't want to touch anything at all and did not find it funny. This is the only photo where he isn't throwing a temper tantrum.
I had no intentions of putting Connor in the pumpkin. He was far too big...or so I thought. He saw brother and sister climb in and was not going to take no for an answer. We had to roll the pumpkin on it's back, and have him slide his legs in with them in the air. But it worked. He fit!
If you've been following us for a year, you know we did this last year. The picture below on the left is last year and the right is this year.
I had forgotten she cried last year. She was NOT thrilled. Left one is last year's.
This is an instagram repeat. But it was too cute to pass up!
All three side-by-side. Connor is 3 years 3 months. Aiden and Izzy are 1 year 4 months
And here we were carving them:
Izzy, Aiden, Connor, and Daddy
The twins Izzy and Aiden:
Seriously. Adorable.


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