Monday, November 26, 2012

Our First Baby

Our little Harley Pup has had quite the week. See THIS post for what happened the day before Thanksgiving. We definitely thought we were losing him after having the kids saying their final goodbyes to him.

We had a vet follow-up this morning with Harley Monster and they performed a mite exam (to see if he had mites which were causing him to itch) and a glucose test to see if he was back to normal. The mite exam came back negative and the glucose test came back perfectly normal.

They attributed several possibilities/scenarios to what had happened: (1) possible reaction to his Addison's medication (HIGHLY unlikely given he's had doses from the same batch). (2) not having his steroid for a day (we had completely forgotten to give it to him the day before). This is also highly unlikely given that his glucose was so low. (3) He has a cancer/disease that we haven't discovered yet. (4) He had a reaction to the flea collar.
I've already told you what I suspect it is. Please, please, pet owners do your research about flea collars before you put them on your pet. I wish I had done more research.

I don't know how the kids knew, but they sort of had an intuition about him. They gave him lots of cuddles and were super gentle with him (very unlike them). Isabella, especially, kept finding him and petting him (see picture above). So sweet.

At the vet today, our vet said he had called 15 other vets to try to figure out if any of them have ever seen that reaction? None of them had. NONE of them had ever seen a dog recover from that sort of paralysis. He reiterated that when they see dogs arching their backs in a paralyzed sort of state, it means they are on their death bed and he said he takes pride in having had a dog he could bring back from that state. We are very grateful!! Very! Even after a $1,000 vet bill. Eeek.

We also switched his flea medicine from the topical stuff to the ingestible kind. We're hoping that it's going to help with his itching (we have absolutely no carpet in our house or anywhere fleas could hide...but our vet thinks maybe we have them in our lawn outside, so we're going to attempt to treat the lawn as well). I should also note that we have another dog and he has NEVER had fleas. So Harley is just SUPER sensitive to anything that even lands on him. Either way, it should work once his ingestible flea medicine starts to work. Poor baby. We have another check-up in two weeks to check his skin again.


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