Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sixteen Months Old

Aiden is a man on a mission. He is just go, go, going all the time. He is ridiculously obsessed with his big brother and mimics him constantly. If Connor is reading a book, he'll get a book and sit right next to him. If Connor grunts and jumps in the air, Aiden does it. It's quite the little sight. Aiden is still in 9-12 month clothes (12 month pants) and Size 3 Diapers. My guess is he's still in the 20 pound range (maybe 21 pounds?). He eats whatever we're eating now - which is so nice. Finally this month food has seemed to just wholly clicked with both of them. If we're eating chicken and pasta, I just make them a plate of chicken and pasta (and maybe some cheese and mandarin oranges). Aiden is still on formula (partly because we've tried milk several times and he gets sick...and partly because of he is still in the 3rd percentile for weight). He has FINALLY figured out how to use a sippy cup, so we're getting ready to eliminate the bottle except for once at night. He is babbling constantly and says, "Dog," "Daddy!!!", "Mama," "ball," and then babbles and repeats everything you say. That boy is talking NON-STOP. I have heard that often times younger children will talk later because they don't have to. Not our little man. He is just talking all the time.

 Isabella is wearing 9-12 month clothes (some 12 month clothes are still too big on her). Last time she was weighed, she weighed 18 pounds 3 ounces (a few weeks ago). She is in a size 3 diaper. She is constantly standing and will even stand in the middle of the floor, holding onto nothing, but she WILL NOT TAKE A SINGLE STEP without holding on. I swear she is giving me a run for my money. I can't even believe she doesn't want to walk. The therapist isn't one bit worried because she clearly CAN walk; she just doesn't. She walks around tables, walks while barely holding onto your finger tips, walks while holding onto my leg or robe, walks while pushing toys. She is eating a lot. Just tonight she had a half a hotdog, a whole cup of mandarin oranges, a stick of cheese, turkey, formula, and several bites of our egg salad sandwich on a bagel. She doesn't use a sippy cup, doesn't want to use a sippy cup, nor do I think she will ever use one. She blows bubbles into straws instead of sucking. I'm telling you, girlfriend has quite the little personality. Ha! We're in for it in about 12 years. Her hair is getting so long. It's at a very awkward stage where it's not long enough to pull back - but it's getting in her face when she's playing. She still pulls hairbows out the second you put them in, though (see picture proof above). She loves the couch and loves it when you sit with her on it. She'll crawl onto the other side and then back over to you, and back and forth. The other day I had to run into the bedroom, so I tried to put her on the floor. She cried; so I thought I'd leave her for a second on the couch (I watched her) to see what she'd do. She just crawled back and forth. Eventually after about 10 minutes she got on her belly and crawled off (my mom has stairs and that's how we teach the twins to go down them - on their bellies).


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if you want to try pediasure for Aiden let me know. I will gladly hook you up. we have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. It is a good middle ground between formula and cows milk! I have plenty, so I totally dont mind at all. Taylor drinks 2 per days to stay above the 5th% but can't quite break out over the 10%.

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