Sunday, November 25, 2012


Whoa! What a wild ride.

I wrote THIS post about our house going into escrow.

In that post, I alluded to the fact that we were seriously considering putting a deposit on a particular lot to start building a house. So, on Friday, we did just that. We went down there and picked out our floor plan, front elevation, paint colors, and put a deposit down.
First Floor Floorplan
Second Floor Floorplan
Front Elevation:
Tuscan H
We also picked out our lot:
 Here we are standing on our lot:
We were so, so excited.
So today a few minutes ago, we heard from our realtor unexpectedly and he told us that the buyers of our house backed out. Of course we knew it was a possibility that the buyer could choose not to buy the house, but we figured that possibility would happen after the inspection (maybe he'd see something he didn't like...or maybe he'd want us to fix something that we wouldn't agree to...or maybe he'd want a credit back on the house that we weren't comfortable with). I honestly never thought he'd send in a deposit, enjoy Thanksgiving, and then just change his mind (without ever doing an inspection or even coming back for a second visit). So strange. So, now we're super bummed.
We still have options to counter the first offer or try to get a new buyer altogether and of course our deposit on the lot that we were going to build on, is fully refundable. But I'm still super bummed.
Wish us luck in round two! And pray that the builder we love still has lots available when the time comes!!!


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that is a super bummer. could you keep the lot and just try to sell the house while you wait to start to build? is there a length in time you can sit on the lot? i know we started right away, but friends of ours who bought a lot down the street didn't even start to build until a year later.

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