Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Park Visit and Guess who is Walking?!?

We have been trying to get creative in what we do with all these house showings. It's so hard to find hours to kill, with three kids and two dogs! At least when it's not raining, we can go to the park. This particular day we got a quick bite to eat, took it to the park and let the pups and babies play.
I was trying to get a picture of the babies sitting in the pretty leaves playing, but this was about as good as it was going to get. The other 8 photos I took all have some version of Aiden standing and running away.
 You know how swings have double holes so that kids can sit and face whichever direction is best? They make the PERFECT swings for twins.
Connor and Daddy had a lot of fun while I stayed and pushed the babies on the swings.
 Because of those double holes, we can fit all three kids on one swing set.
So, Miss Isabella Lynn just refuses to gain enough weight to come out of her carseat - so at 17 months Aiden and Izzy are both still in their infant seats. Finally, last week I couldn't carry it anymore and had to leave the seats in the car and just grab babies. Isabella is RIDICULOUSLY close to walking full-time - so it'll just be a matter of time before I can set her down and have her walk. But, in the meantime, I cannot carry two carseats anymore. Mr. Howard grabs the seats out of the car when he gets home.
Here is a video of her walking:
 Obviously, you can hear me get ridiculously excited and do a very strange laugh. It was only the second time she had ever done it on our tile floor (and the first time I wasn't home).


Tesha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awww such a sweet video:) Love the twin swinging picture also to funny.

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