Monday, December 3, 2012

"But, Mama, I can't tell him what his name is!"

November 30th we read Connor the Elf on the Shelf book that Connor's Great Granna got him last year. After reading the book, we talked about what was going to happen the following morning. He was thrilled to go to sleep and see where the elf would show up.

Connor really struggled with the concept of naming our elf. Did anyone else experience this? He kept repeating that his name was, "Elf!" We tried explaining the concept of names. "Aiden has a name. We don't just call him baby. Mama and Daddy thought long and hard about what we wanted his name to be and then named him. You get to name our elf. What do you want to name him?" we pleaded. Finally after about 10 minutes he said with his hands palm up, by his shoulders, "But, Mama, I can't tell him what his name his."

Smart boy. So then we were in a predicament. Do we just let our poor elf go nameless? Do we continue to talk about names and how we come up with names? Do we give him choices? After a few minutes, we got out the Elf book and read him the name choices in there and then added our own. We mixed in girl and boy names, because who are we to determine the sex of our elf. ;-)

I can't remember all the choices we gave him, but we did include "Jorge." I have no idea why that name came to me, but it was my favorite. I kinda, secretly, wanted an elf named Jorge. Instead, Connor went with "Buddy." I kinda had an inkling he'd go with that one because he always proudly declares that "Jake is my buddy" whenever he's petting Jake or loving on him.

The first morning we went out to the kitchen and discovered him in our m&m's. Buddy had left several treats for Connor which instantly made him thrilled to pieces. That sneaky little Elf knows the secret to getting on Connor's good side.

 The next morning Buddy was still in the m&m bowl where we had left him all day - because, well, everyone knows that Elves can't fly to the North Pole in the rain!!!! (Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that it was a crazy night and an even crazier morning!). So at nap time, when it was no longer raining, Buddy finally had a chance to fly back to the North Pole. He arrived on our eat-in kitchen dining room light. What a sneaky little elf. He also left some chocolate covered almonds for Connor. That elf sure knew how to make Connor warm up to him!
 Day 3 we could actually hear Connor calling out to us at about 7:15am, "Mama, Daddy - Where's Buddy?!? Come get me so I can find him!" We had such fun running through the house to see where he landed after his North Pole journey. Connor found him hanging out in our new Christmas tree. He must have known we were going to be hanging lights soon and he would be too hot to hang out there later in the week.
Connor is officially hooked on the Elf and can't wait to find him. We did not do a North Pole Breakfast this year, but it's on our to-do list for next year. I'm sure Buddy would love to eat breakfast with us next year. Aiden and Isabella are just observers so far, but Connor gets so excited when he can go take their hands and show them Buddy. I can't wait for them to "get" all the magic of Christmas. It's such a fun time for Connor!


Tickled Pink Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So cute!! Ours is named Buddy too... totally un-original but they are kids! What are ya gonna do? :)

Tesha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That is so cute Jadon has always struggled at naming stuffed animals and such. Sahyla on the other hand is a pro name giver, it must be a girls attention to detail. We've Gotta get the book:)

Crystal said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this tradition! I can't wait to do it with Hudson some day! Isn't this just the best time of year?! :) It's especially great when you can enjoy it with kids.

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