Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Catch-up and Ramblings

We have been so busy with Christmas, selling our home, building a new one, daycare, work, family, etc. Whew! We just come home at night and collapse we're so tired. On Friday I showed up at daycare in the morning to drop off the kids and was about to leave, when our providers said, "Did you remember Connor's present for the gift exchange?" *&#@ Not only had I not remembered, I hadn't even remembered to go buy one!!!! It was awful. I felt like such a horrible mom. I have never picked out a kid's gift so stinkin' fast (did I mention it was Pajama Day at my work and I was in blue flannel pj's?!?). I wrapped it and drove back to preschool as fast as I legally could!!

One huge thing I did was cut my hair! I have had long hair for as long as I have been married. I think the last time I had hair this short was early on in college. While I think that long hair looks best on me, I just couldn't justify the 40 minutes it was taking me in the morning to blow dry my hair. Plus, at night it was tangling so badly that I had to wash it every morning. It's been SUCH a nice change and who can beat the 4 minutes it takes for me to blow dry it now?!?

During this crazy month, we also had our laptop stop working. We did everything to try to make it work and then realized that it might have been the power chord. I took it in to a computer place and they determined that it was, in fact, the chord. Whew! That was a relatively inexpensive fix. But we've been computer-less for a couple weeks now. Since we have no T.V., our laptop is essential to us! Hopefully it arrives soon. With everyone ordering Christmas presents, it said it may take a while to ship to us (or we could have paid for 2 day shipping which was $78!). No thank you.
We've been having lots of Christmas fun in the shirts Gramma made us. These reindeer ones were a huge hit!
Connor asked, when I was taking the babies 17 month photos, if I'd do one of him in his chair!
 These blue ones were adorable too. Aiden was in a bad mood and that was the best photo I could get of him. Isabella kept saying, "Uh-oh!" and pointing to her brother who was standing in his chair. I tried telling little Miss Sassy Pants that she, too, was standing. But she just started saying, "Uh-oh!" louder. They are a crack-up; I'm telling you!
The next series of photos pretty much sums up group photos right now. This was after dinner; they were tired and wanted bottles. I had to bundle them up for a Christmas Light excursion and they wanted no part in these photos.
 I think it's hillarious they're both looking at Aiden like, "Come on, bud. Mom's crazy. She wants this stupid photo. Will you just comply so we can get in the car?!?"
 At this point Connor was losing his patience. I think at this point I may have promised him a piece of chocolate. Whatever. I'm okay with you judging me. ;-)
 This one, below, cracks me up the most. Connor and Isabella finally sorta just went with it. Aiden still wanted no part in it, but at least he was looking at me. Mission accomplished.
I've gotten a few emails asking how the house sale is coming along. Our buyers decided to go forward without the repair requests. They haven't released their contingencies quite yet, though. So we only have a couple more days until they can back out without losing their deposit. I think it is very unlikely that they will back out at this point.


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