Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holy Moly Changes.

Up. Down. Up. Down.

Our house is in escrow. I'm a little jaded this time around. Extra cautious. But we have a 30 day close and then we have to be out of this house (eek! That's the middle of January!). If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read THIS post first.

I'm such a softy though, because the people who are in escrow on our house sent us the sweetest message saying that they are newlyweds who graduated from the local high school here. And they love the house and want to start their family in our house. So, softy me, accepted a lower offer from a couple I can see living and growing here. How special that this house will get to be the house where two couples start their families! I mean, after all, this is the house we brought Connor home to...the house where I grew Cole in my belly and prayed over him...the house where we brought home our twins for the first time. The house where we hosted Christmas parties and Christmas Eve Dinners...Connor's first birthday, Mr. Howard's college graduation party...I could go on and on. But, it's just such a special home. Our first home.

So, we'll know in 13 days if they release their contingencies and then we'll have to figure out where we're going to live until our house is done being built. With 3 kids. And two dogs. And did I mention we both work full-time jobs? Ha. This will be fun.

I think I've mentioned before the ups and downs...highs and lows I've had with the idea of building a home. It really is going to be 5 steps forward and a few steps back. We're going to need to invest so much money in it over the next several years to get it perfect: window treatments in every room, ceiling fans in every room, paint, hardwood flooring, upgraded door knobs and faucets and tile...all the things we've spent the last 5 years putting in this house. And things are going to be super tight for a bit because we're upping our mortgage payment by a lot. BUT we'll have our absolute dream floorplan and our dream location two streets away from a brand new elementary school (opening this upcoming Fall) and one street away from a park. We'll have a guest bedroom again and each of the babies will have their own room (no more 2am chat sessions for the twins - thank GOODNESS!). We'll finally have a playroom and a walk-in pantry (we don't have a pantry closet). We'll have a fireplace with a mantle (this house has no mantle). We'll have our dream kitchen cabinets and the exact granite we love and the carpet and tile we've chosen. So many things will be customized and for that I am thankful.

Of course, we may not be able to eat for a few months, but we'll figure that part out. =)

But for now, we're up to our eyeballs in cabinet samples, granite slabs, electricity plans, fireplace pictures, faucets, stair-rails, carpet samples, and we're having conversations like, "Do we really need that second prewired cat5e line to the loft?" and "Do you want to run a romex into the SMC area?" Oh yes. Overnight we've been educated on electrical plans and structured wiring scopes...ceramic tile underlayments and 8 pound carpet pads versus 3 pound carpet pads. Whew. Crazy.

I know people who read my blog know this about me, or at least I hope they do, but I feel compelled to state it. We are infinitely blessed, not in our material possessions - but in our relationships, family, marriage, faith, and happiness. We will certainly not be burdened to live without tile, upgraded faucets, or blinds. We know what it's like to lose something that matters to us and honestly we would trade our house, our cars, and all our worldly possessions to get 15 minutes with our precious baby again. But we both love to invest our time and attention into making our home not only an investment - but a place filled with memories, parties, love, and lots of growing for our kids.


Kristy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So exciting! Praying for things to work out for y'all!

Lindsey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Happy building!!!

My name is Heather. said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

love it! so exciting!

Kathe said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Looks like you'll Lowes and Home depot cards for Christmas!!!

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