Thursday, December 27, 2012

I know I'm not the first person

Last night we got the official word that our buyers' funding approval came through!! We should be receiving the official Contingency Release today.
I'm about two hours away from having our office packed up. My goal is to have it packed up by Friday (I'm putting that down in writing so that I can't back out!). I don't want to start packing up curtains and things I have to look at every day until have the official contingency release is in my hand. Sometimes I look around the house and think, "This won't be so hard to pack up!" and then other times I start to feel like I'm going to have a panic attack because I think, "there's no way I can pack all this!" I know I'm certainly not the first person to pack a house up, and I'm probably not even the first person to do it with three little kids at my feet, but I'm kinda freaking out about it. Tell me I'll survive, right? Riiiggghht??
So instead of packing, I do what any sane person who is totally stressed about packing her house would do, I sit around and take adorable photos of my kiddos!
These are their Christmas outfits from last year, but seeing as though they're both so tiny, I went ahead and put them in them again. They were so ridiculously cute. They were laughing at each other and really interacting. The last one on the bottom right cracks me up, because Aiden was mid-pout (have I ever told you about that boy's pouting? I have never seen anything like it!!! Such a personality!).
 The kids' daycare/preschool always gives the kids little gifts from them and then Mr. Howard and I always get gifts from each kid. So sweet. We got ornaments (made by Connor) with each kid's picture on them. I love them!
Alright...enough avoiding the office to work I go.


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