Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oh what fun it is to... believe in magic.
Doesn't it just make your heart soar? I prayed for so long to experience this with kids and there are still so many of you I'm praying for now. Everyone should get to see all this through the eyes of a little one.
Connor has just had so much fun with his elf, Buddy. He runs out every morning and asks where Buddy is. He runs the house - searching him out and trying to find what trouble he may or may not have gotten himself into. At night after brushing his teeth, he tells me he needs to run to tell him he loves him and then shouts up to him or over to him, "I love you, Buddy!! Goodnight!!"
I think Buddy has learned a few tricks too. Like don't play on Connor's toys. At this age, Connor is too little (he's 3) to rationalize the whole "we can't touch Buddy because he'll lose his magic and so he gets to play on your toy the entire day" concept. Oops. Buddy was able to witness firsthand the huge temper tantrum that ensued after that debacle. Oh and the "Buddy is watching you and he's going to tell Santa about this temper tantrum" concept is also quite foreign to Connor. It didn't help his behavior one tiny bit. Thankfully, I had to work and Connor had to go to pre-school or it would have been a long day of having to watch Buddy play with "the only toy I want to play with!!!!!!" (said Connor).
 He likes when Buddy is up high and thinks it's so funny.
 Connor had never had marshmallows before and so when Buddy took a bath in them and then left some for Connor to try, he was so excited. But, he is definitely my child - because alas, he didn't love them.
 One of the days, Buddy found Daddy's model mustang and rode it around at night before Connor woke up. When Connor saw where he was, he laughed and laughed. "I wish I had a big one!" Connor said. So does Daddy, does Daddy!
 This was my favorite of all of Buddy's antics so far. This morning, he lit a fire and was roasting his marshmallow for a s'more. The note said, "Connor, I have brought you stuff to make s'mores at lunch today. I hope you enjoy!"
Connor had so much fun making them. He still didn't love the roasted marshmallows (again, neither do I...), but he loved the idea of the s'mores. Next time we need to try half a marshmallow and double the chocolate. Surely, he'll love it then!
Only 16 more days until Christmas Eve.


Kathe said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

wish we had a "buddy" way back when!!! It would have been so fun!

Kelli said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I just found you sweet blog and have enjoyed reading though some of your posts...I look forward to visiting again. What a beautiful family you have!
We have Buddy the Elf as younger kids LOVE looking for him each morning.

Tickled Pink Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So, so cute!

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