Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Ongoing House Saga

(It's kinda like the Twilight Saga, but way less sexier. Oh and no vampires.)

So, we got our inspection report and appraisal back on the house we're selling. The inspection came back super clean. It had all the little things we already knew about. We were thrilled because we had told the buyers that we would accept a lower offer from them with the understanding that we would not be able to give them a credit or do repairs on the house after the inspection. We all knew that the inspection was a formality - just for the buyers to feel confident that the roof wasn't leaking or the foundation wasn't sinking. You know, basics.
So the buyer contacted us today and to our amazement, asked us to repair every single thing on the list. Okay, I'm not an expert, but I just think that whole part of buying a house is very screwy. I don't go to AT&T and say, "Hi. Yes. I will take the iPhone5, but I'd like you to spend $5,000 in making it exactly the way I want it." No, instead you take the phone with the features that it has. If you don't like those features, you pick a different phone or a different carrier and get the features you want. So, why, can someone walk into my house and see that we do not have closet doors on our closets and say, "Yes. I'll take your house. Done. Oh, but hey, I'd like you to install closet doors in every room, have a professional cleaner come in and clean your house, install sprinklers, and paint your door (those weren't all real things they asked us to do...but you get the point)?" Grrr. I totally get it if something is wrong with the house. But how can they ask us to do things they knew when they walked around? This is just reason #4,689,213 that I should not ever be a realtor.

So, we'll see what happens and what they decide to do. We do have two back-up offers (for more money, by the way) if this one falls through.

In terms of the appraisal, they appraised it at our asking price, which is great!

So we're in the waiting stage. Waiting to see if they'll release their contingencies. Waiting to see if we need to move. Waiting to pack. Waiting.


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that sucks. i'm sorry. hopefully they release their contingensies, or that one of the other offers just sticks. that's kinda ridiculous. if you want a brand new house, perfect in every way, you don't buy you build.

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