Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We're not homeless. Whew.

How on earth did December fly by so quickly? I was driving home from my parents' house yesterday and had that sudden overwhelming feeling that things were happening too quickly. I always wish the holidays would come quickly because I just love December and then they just fly by. We have 15 days before we close escrow and 14 days to move out. Oh holy moly! And we're still in that limbo land because they haven't released their contingencies. I'm hoping we get the official document today! Cross your fingers for us.
My parents very graciously offered (with some major negotiating skills on our part over the dogs) to let us stay with them until our house is built. I'm thankful for that because I almost had a complete melt down yesterday (and I may or may not have bawled on Christmas and told my husband we were homeless). I was just so worried we wouldn't be able to find something that would fit my whole family (plus dogs) that would be willing to only rent to us for 2 months and wouldn't charge us more than what we could afford (considering we'd also need to rent a storage unit for 2 months). So I'm thankful we have a place that will work.
In addition to packing and cleaning and taking care of adorable little ones, we've been enjoying time with family and friends. My brother came into town about a week ago and he and Mr. Howard have been able to hang out twice - one of the times they went golfing. Mr. Howard's parents came in town Christmas Eve. And my brother's girlfriend comes into town in a few days. I just love all the extra time with family.
Isabella's Gramma got her this adorable reindeer hair clip. I mean... seriously.
Daddy and Isabella 
Daddy and Aiden
Apparently we've never told Connor what fishing is because he asked us why on earth Buddy had a fish on his "stick." Oh well, Buddy, we appreciated your creativity. 
Speaking of Buddy, we had so much fun with him! We are soo thankful the kids' Great Granna got it for them!! I can't wait for Buddy to come back next year and I KNOW Connor can't wait. The babies will have so much fun too!!!
Buddy got into some mischeif while he was here though. On Day 10, he taped Minnie Mouse to the fridge!
 On Day 11, he brought muffins for Connor to eat, but then ate a bunch and got stuck in the box. Oops!
 On Day 12, he snuck over to the cabinet by the kids' rooms and swung on the door!
 On Day 13, he got into the cheerios and wrote a message for Connor and the babies!
On Day 14, he grew some candy canes for Connor to eat!
 On Day 15, he got into the chocolate and got it all over his face.
 On Day 16, he put a Christmas movie on and watched it from the kitchen counter!
 And on Day 17, he got the chocolate out for Connor to have his first glass of chocolate milk ever!
On Day 18, he slid down Connor's car toy!
 On Day 19, he went fishing for gold fish!
And on Day 20 he went zip lining from our refrigerator to our celing fan, but someone was busy making tamales and she forgot to get a picture of it. Oops.


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

and someone else was very thankful you were so busy making tamales, cuz she got some! ;) I wish we could have taken the boys for you. =/ Glad it all worked out! Just start the deep breathing now. hehe.

Tickled Pink Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love the fishing comment! Too funny!! :) Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! :)

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