Sunday, December 9, 2012

What do people think?

The weather has been just awful here. It rained and flooded all last weekend and some of this week, so we had nobody come to look at the house for a little while. We were starting to feel discouraged after all that buzz we had had before. I was worried that going into escrow and pulling it off the market for a week had hurt our chances of getting it sold. And then, the weather cleared up and we had a bunch of showings. In the past week, we've had maybe 10 showings (six of them were on Friday and Saturday). It's been crazy! We have had two offers this week, but neither are anything to write home we're still waiting.

In the meantime, we've been taking lots of trips in the car. This particular night we went and got some sushi!! Mmm. 
 We also went and got a Christmas tree! Connor had asked us almost every single day since he had started seeing Christmasy things. He'd ask us, "Mama-Daddy can we get a Christmas?" Ha!
 Connor was so enhralled with all of it!
 The babies stood on the other side of the baby gate (I know, mean Mama!) and watched. When we got it all set up, we let them over. Aiden loved the tree and Isabella cried every time she looked at it.
Christmas, for us, is not Christmas unless we have a delicious smelling, real Christmas tree in the house. Mmm. Thank goodness they smell sooo ridiculously good - because once we got it in our living room, we wondered if it was a good idea - with having the house up for sale and wondering if it made our living room look smaller. But, what can we do? How can I explain to Connor that this year we have to put Christmas on hold because our house is up for sale? We aren't doing any other decorations, though. So sad.
We keep laughing about where Buddy is when we leave the house for a house showing. We wonder if the realtor and buyers laugh or if they have no idea why there's an elf hanging from our kitchen lights. What do people think?!?
 Of course, since Buddy will lose his magic if we touch him, we have to leave him out. I'd like to think they chuckle.
In addition to the stress of selling our home, working full-time, having kids - you know the usual...we also have had such expensive mishaps lately that it's feeling overwhelming. Harley's vet bill was over $1,000 and then Mr. Howard's car windshield cracked...and then he locked the kids in the car (well, he didn't do it...the dogs jumped up and clicked the power lock button in the car and locked him out) and we had to have a handyman come and unlock it...and then my phone started getting awful reception and I needed a new one (we don't have house phones - so it's dangerous for me to not be able to get calls when I'm at the house by myself)...and then our garbage disposal totally cracked and we couldn't use the faucet on the left side of our sink without water pouring out all over the we had to get a new one...Geesh. It's been a little overwhelming. And then Christmas is coming. I need Santa to bring me a money tree to plant in the backyard. =)
Goodness, there have been so many highs and lows and a million emotions about selling this house and building one. There are days when I'm so jazzed and excited to start planning everything and then there are days when I'm overwhelmed, thinking about how we'll afford to landscape the backyard and get window coverings for every window in the house. In some ways, it's going to be like starting over and taking a few steps back. But then, we'll be living in our dream floorplan with five bedrooms, 3300 square feet, and a kids' playroom. Oh I could die at the thought of a playroom - to contain all the toys that have taken over our living room. I would love that!! So, I feel like it'll be worth it to be super tight (I mean - SUPER tight) for a little while - in order to get the perfect house for our family. Right? Riiiigggght? Deep breaths...
Can I just say, though, that despite all this stress, I have just been loving all this Christmas excitement from a certain little three-year-old. Oh how I wish I could bottle it all up and save it. I would give anything to figure out a way to capture all that excitement. The squeels. The padding of little feet as he chases Buddy around the house. The nightly begging of "Mama, will you drive to see the lights?" as we leave preschool. The sitting in front of the fireplace and watching Christmas movies. The talk about the North Pole and Santa and reindeers...Oh, it's just so wonderful. We are so blessed.

My mother-in-law made and sent these adorable outfits for the kids. I am SUPER behind on the babies' 17 month photos, so I did them today in their matching outfits. I'll share them soon!
The reindeer eyes are little buttons. So stinkin' adorable!!!


Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I second the money tree on your wish list! Things might be tight for a while, as they always are when big changes are involved, but I'm sure you will get through it effortlessly!

AbbyS. said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

if you do get a money tree, send me a sapling!! :)
good luck with it all.

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