Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Busy Thursday

On mornings after Mr. Howard has worked really late, I try to make his coffee for him and bring it to him. I just adore this coffee mug I got him last Christmas. I need to order him a new one with all his kids!! We started last Thursday with delicious coffee, since Mr. Howard got home at 12:30am the night before!
On Thursdays Mr. Howard looks for an excuse to get out of the house. Since we are staying with my parents, Mr. Howard and I are having a house keeper come each week to help keep my parents' house clean. Unfortunately, she comes on the day that Mr. Howard has off and is home with all three kids. So he's been coming and meeting me for lunch. I'm just loving it! As a teacher, I only get a 30 minute break, but it's just enough time if he brings lunch to have a little dance party and eat some food in the car.
Dance Party in the car:

 That afternoon, after work, I had to work at McDonald's for McTeacher's Night. It's so much fun...definitely one of my favorite nights! I never post pictures of my students, but these gals were instagramming it up in the lobby. I asked them if I could instagram a photo of them; to which, they replied, "YOU KNOW WHAT INSTAGRAM IS?!?" So funny. They think I'm 100.
Mr. Howard and my mom brought the kids and met me. Isabella is in my arms (in case you're wondering where she was at the table).
I'm so lucky Mr. Howard always supports my work's fundraisers. I know not everyone would drive 35 minutes to go to McDonald's for dinner, but he does it because he knows how important it is to me. 


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