Monday, January 28, 2013

Date Night x 2

Mr. Howard and I have made it a goal in our marriage to do regular date nights. Those are kinda hard to come by with three small children, but they aren't any less important. In fact, for me, they're even MORE important. So, we got creative and starting coming up with at-home dates. We still call them "date nights," put them on the calendar, and look forward to them all week.

This weekend, my parents went out of town, so we took the opportunity to have two date nights. On Friday after work, we rented Cosmopolis, got pizza and champagne, put the kids to bed, and had a date night cuddling on the couch. It was SOOOO needed. I really cannot say that enough. I am so in love with my husband and it is so easy to get caught up in everything else that I forget that.

We did let Connor eat pizza and milk with us though! Hubby said "cheers" to me and Connor wanted to "cheers" us too! (He has since said "cheers" every time we give him a glass of any liquid! Ha!)

  Mmm. Sooo delicious!
We didn't make it all the way through the movie. Neither of us could follow the plot at all. I never give up on movies, even if I hate them because I just feel guilty not seeing a movie through to the end...but I literally could not handle this one.
The date, on the other hand, was UHHHH-MAAAAZING. I really do not even have enough words to explain how much we needed that.
The second date night was Saturday night and we went and picked up sushi with the kids!
Have I ever mentioned my love for sushi? Ha. I could literally eat it five nights a week and still not get sick of it!
Then we put the kids to bed, cleaned up from dinner, and curled up on the couch.
Of course, a date night for us is not a date night without champagne!
Saturday night's movie of choice was Hope Springs. It was such a funny movie. I can't relate to a lot of the specifics with my marriage to Mr. Howard, but I certainly can relate to the idea that marriage becomes routine. I pray we always find creative ways to overcome the bad habits we all create, unknowingly.
I can't tell you what those two nights a week or a month do for our marriage. While I love my children, it's nice to have a night or two to talk and cuddle without tears, tantrums, and 'tudes.


Tickled Pink Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We so need to start doing this at our house. You're right- it's def needed. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

we discovered that date nights were essential. We used to do a date maybe 2 times a yr. We thought you had to go out and get a sitter or have a reason. We never had the money, or the reason. Well, you know what THAT thinking got us. However once we commited to weekly date nights we quickly saw how hard we have to work at it to be creative. By far date nights at home are my most favorite. No fancy dinner in an expensive restaurant will ever top cooking steak with my hubby, and snuggling on the couch with a new movie. =) We should write a book...what to do and what not to do (you guys take the what to do part!) haha! ** and thanks, now I have to rent cosmpolis and see how bad it is!**

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