Friday, January 18, 2013

Loan Approval, Plot Plans, and Walking!

I added a page at the top for people wanting to follow our Building a House journey. At some point I will have to take down the Never-Ending House To-Do's link because we no longer live in that house. *Tear!*

Did I mention that the buyers of our old house have already done so much? They have already ripped out the entire landscaping in the front of the house (my hubby is so sad because that was ALWAYS on his to-do list and we never got around to it!); they have torn out of the arch that was in the front; they have torn down the dividing wall separating the 3rd car garage; and they have pulled up all the tile because they are replacing it with hardwood floor (so the entire house will be hardwood!). I haven't driven past it in a little while, but I think I'm going to head over there this afternoon when I pick up the kids from school. Isn't it weird to see the house you lived in for 5 years being remodeled by someone else?!?

In other house news, we received our Gold Cert Approval (the approval our builder needs to build our house)! Once they pull the permits for the house and floorplan and everything with the city, they should be all set to start building.

We also got our plot plan from the engineering firm! We were very excited because we were able to extend our driveway and add three extra feet (making it 20 feet instead of 17). With the hubby having a truck, it seemed to make sense to get the extra driveway space!

We are so very excited to have the home the way we want it and can't wait to see how all the features and details we picked out come together. Once they start building, we're going to get started on buying some fans and light fixtures (we need 5 fan/light features for each room and 1 for the family room)- so that we'll have it all purchased before we move (I know I'll get an email from a reader saying don't buy them now! So, don't worry, we'll keep receipts just in case something happens and we have to return them). We did not elect to have them paint the house, because the quote we got was pretty expensive and they would only paint the house one color! So, we have to decide if we're going to wait and paint each room as we go. Or if we're going to have it all painted at once before we move in. I know what we WANT to do. Ha. But it's a matter of if we can afford to do it that way.

Holy Moly. Are you sick of hearing about the house, yet? I promise eventually I'll stop talking about it! 

It has been SO cold here. It has been in the 20's in the mornings and 30's in the afternoon. This is the coldest winter I remember here in a long time. I'll be honest, I've loved it! I am getting a little sick of having to wear a jacket in my classroom all day while I teach, though! This was my window one morning before leaving for work (and the angel that hangs in my window to represent Cole):
Yesterday, my husband and kids came and met me on my lunch break for lunch! It's such a nice change to get to visit with them for a little bit. The kids always make me laugh!
And the last, MOST EXCITING NEWS OF ALL, is that Isabella is walking. Not walking like, "Oh hey I can walk, but then I'm going to stop immediately and crawl because it's easier" type of walking. No. REAL walking. Like a good majority of the time! Yesterday, she started to crawl to me, stopped, stood, and walked because it was faster. Hallelujah, Sister!!!! Everyone kept saying to me, "Oh don't worry, she'll start walking once she sees her brother walking." Yeah. No. Girlfriend watched her twin brother walk for about 7 months before she decided to do it on her own. She just needed to be ready to do it. The therapist was quite excited when she saw it on Tuesday.
I've had a few people ask about their speech therapy. We have been referred to a speech therapist, but haven't begun services or even spoken yet with him/her to work out the details. Hopefully, we can get all that settled soon.


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