Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A night where we didn't have to scarf down our food

This past weekend my parents were supposed to be out of town, but my dad got sick and so they couldn't go. We had already planned on a takeout picnic and movie night, so we asked my parents if they'd mind if we put the kids to bed and went out to dinner instead. My mom graciously agreed.

So Mr. Howard and I went to...you guessed it...sushi.

I'm sure you're all so tired of hearing about our dates. But lucky for me, I write this blog so I get to write about what I want.
It's been a while since we've been out at a restaurant by ourselves. It's so nice not to have to scarf our food down or distract babies. Whenever we're out just the two of us, we have to consciously slow down because our instinct is to hurry and order and then hurry and eat. Moms and Dads, can you relate?
 We went to our favorite all-you-can eat sushi place. It is amazing and we always try to order new things.
 We've had a crazy few months with closing escrow on our house, building a new house, and moving in with my parents. There is never enough alone time together and these little chunks of time feel like a breath of fresh air. It's just enough to feel rejuvenated, but then we're right back in to the hard stuff of raising kids. Whew. It's tough business. Tough, but so rewarding.


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