Saturday, February 23, 2013

I believe in therapy

I haven't done a post about how the babies' therapies are going in a while. I got a question about it on instagram (follow me @thehowardbunch) the other day and it reminded me that some of you who have been following the babies' journey, might be wondering. For those of you who are new to my blog, you can follow THIS LINK to go back and read about their journey. Just scroll to the bottom to see the first post.

At twenty months old, they are doing so well!! I am so thankful I sought out resources for them and went with my gut to get them tested. I do not believe that therapy is the end-all be-all solution and I certainly don't believe that more is always better. Therapy is only a teeny tiny part of the solution; the biggest portion of services is learning what WE can do better. But therapy cannot be dismissed.

TEACHER SIDENOTE: It's been so interesting to be on the other side of an IFSP, because as a teacher I have attended IEP's for seven years. I'm thankful I have been able to experience the parent side of the table, because I certainly think it makes me a more compassionate teacher. It also gives me more credibility and honesty when I'm trying to talk to a parent about realistic expectations about special education. =) Now, having said that, I am just like every other parent in that I pray my children no longer qualify for services because they are 100% caught up. And if that day never happens, I know that they will still be such wonderful, special, unique little people with their own talents. I also pray that these experiences teach them to be more compassionate and understanding of those who don't learn and develop typically!

Aiden and Isabella receive occupational therapy each for one hour once a month. Mr. Howard stays home in the morning with both babies so that they can work with Kay. She often gives us things to work on and do. It's always so helpful to get new ideas for productive play.

Additionally, they are getting therapy with a child development specialist for one hour each once a week. This is the therapist we see the most often. Mr. Howard stays home for one hour every week with one child (the other two go to preschool) and we alternate who that is. They work on all sorts of skills - like stacking blocks and finding hidden objects. She is very generalized, so we work on speech, occupational therapy skills, and then generalized development. Just like the OT, we often get activities and strategies that we are then supposed to implement and work on when she is not there.

And finally, they JUST qualified for speech therapy for one hour each, twice a month. When we start services, I will come home early each week for one hour to work with her and one child. I think their speech is coming along and we're constantly excited about what new words they are learning and repeating, but they are a little delayed still. Aiden is a little further along in his development than sissy, but she is never very far behind. I am excited to see where this goes. We've added in a couple signs that we never did with Connor to help give them some choices for when they are feeling frustrated. We've taught them "help" and "yes" to reduce their frustrations, and I've noticed a difference recently.

Aiden's words: "what's that?" "bottle," "mama," "daddy," "nana," "shoe," "all done," "doggie," "uh-oh," "no," "yummy," "ball," "Bella," and "night night."

Izzy's words: "yummy," "bottle," "mama," "daddy," "doggie," "uh-oh," "ball," "night night," "catch," and "no"


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