Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What?! 61!

My mom turned 61 on February 17th and, as always, we had a wonderful birthday dinner at my parents' house. She is such a wonderful mom and an equally incredible Nana to my kids. My sister is going to take pictures of her with the kids - so I'll have those to upload soon! In the meantime, I barely took any pictures of anyone except the kids and my sister. Yikes.

My mom picked what she wanted for dinner and my dad made the most amazing souffle as a birthday cake for her. Mmm.

My sister and me (Wearing the necklace I made. Post coming soon!):

Isabella Lynn:
Connor took the two photos below. I found them on my camera when I uploaded the pictures from my card:

They both got up on the fireplace and said, "Eeez" so I'd take their pictures. They're both such little hams. I just adore them!
I dressed Izzy in this polkadot dress and when my sister showed up, I immediately saw that they were matching. So stinkin' cute!
This was Connor signing Nana's birthday card. So precious!
The soufle that my dad made:
My sister took a headshot of me for my blog's About Me Graphic, which is coming soon. We went outside to do the photo and I snapped this photo of Katie. Isabella was mad because she wanted me to hold her.
It was a great evening with family!


Tesha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh the matching dresses are adorable! Oh and the souffle.... AMAZZZZZING:)

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