Saturday, March 16, 2013

Building Our House - Roof Tiles and Drywall Stacks

On March 10, 2013 - We took my sister over to the house for the first time in several months. They were putting the roof tiles on the roof when we got there.
 Here's a photo taken from a little farther away. I am standing on the opposite side of several lots that are directly across from us. They have not sold these lots YET and will eventually be putting different models on them (smaller houses that are more expensive than ours - Yay for EQUITY in our home!!!).
 Our house actually looks like a house, doesn't it?!?
There are drywall stacks in every room. Here's my sister standing on one of them in our master bedroom (in front of our his/hers closet):
That is a LOT of drywall.
 I have one more post before you will be completely caught up on our house. I will post the photos from our Pre-Drywall Walkthrough on March 15, 2013 soon! Are you getting sick of it yet?


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