Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playdate in the Park

One of my best friends brought her daughter to the park near my new house and we had a playdate. It was SO much fun. The kids were running around and did so well. It gave me a lot of hope that I might be getting to the point where I could actually take my three to the park all by myself.

Last time Sophia came over for a playdate, Diana brought graham crackers and frosting and Connor still talks about it. So when Diana said she was going to bring a snack, I suggested she bring that special treat again. This time the babies could enjoy it and they were thrilled. Let's be honest, I was pretty thrilled too!

Connor and Sophia

They were ready for some frosting!

Isabella was mid snack in this photo above
I seemed to really only get photos of them sitting down, but they hardly did any of that. Mostly they were running around and riding their bikes.
I tried to get a photo of all four of them, but I didn't really do that great of a job. Believe it or not, this was about one of four photos I took, trying to get them all looking at me. Still not a single child is looking at me. Ha!
One of my favorite parts of these playdates is getting to watch Connor in a role other than big brother. He is always the boss at our house and, I can say this because I'm also the oldest child in my family, it has created quite a little bossy-pants side to him. I love when we play with Sophia because she's a full year older than him and he is no longer the oldest, smartest one there. It's fun to watch him be the follower for once.

I snapped the next three photos on instagram (follow me @thehowardbunch):
Connor and Sophia both brought bikes they could ride around on (this park has the perfect sidewalk loop all the way around the park that is just perfect for the kids to ride on). Aiden brought a little ride-on car that he could push around and be like the big kids. Isabella kinda did a little bit of everything (including cuddling me!).
 The tire swing (if you look closely in the background, you'll Sophia and Connor's bikes):
 Aiden running around with the soccer ball:
My second favorite thing about playdates is getting to catch up with Diana. As teachers, the only time we can catch up is before or after school - and we're often prepping for the day. So we don't get to hang out as much as we used to (now that we're all rushing home to our babies and household chores). I am so blessed in my friendships and just have the most wonderfully supportive people in my life. Thank you, Diana for being such a great friend!

After our park playdate, I was able to take them to our new house to show them the house we're building and then Diana, Sophia, and Connor got to walk around the model for a bit to see what it'll look like with walls.

But the absolute best part of the playdate?!? Can you guess? ALL THREE KIDS NAPPED FOR 3 HOURS!!! That is the sign of a good playdate, right moms?


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