Friday, March 8, 2013

Taking us all out of our comfort zone!

We took the kids to the Children's Museum last weekend. They opened a children's museum near us last year and we've been wanting to take the kids, but, at first, we thought the babies were too young, and then we just didn't have the time. It was the perfect day to go in terms of weather and the amount of time we had. But what was funny was that when we showed up, we went to pay and the lady at the front told us that it was a free day. What?!

I try REALLY hard to think of fun things the kids can do that gets them exposed to new things AND takes them out of their comfort zone. But I'll be honest, this whole painting the glass thing took more than just THEM out of their comfort zone; it took ME out of mine. Yikes. Connor was great. But Aiden and Izzy just didn't understand the whole dip the paint brush in and paint the wall part. They wanted to pour the paint on their shoes and paint their brother's shirt. I will say, though, that they did have a blast!! And thankfully Isabella's white shoes survived, albeit with a bright red dot right in the middle of them. Oh well. It makes for a fun story. She can tell her friends that she wrestled a tiger, got a little blood on her shoe, and survived.

 Aiden thought it was quite funny that he could paint, while looking through the glass at me.
 Izzy mainly wanted to finger paint. I actually thought that was much more at their level.
 Connor sticks his tongue out while he paints. It cracks me up.
 Izzy and Daddy:
 This was the most amazing wall. It sucked up all sorts of furry or foam balls or scarves and then sucked them through this clear vent. We spent about 30 minutes of our 1.5 hours just at this wall.
 Izzy was fascinated with putting these ping pong balls on these tubes. There was air shooting them up in the air so they looked like they were floating.
 There was a room with a fridge, stove, table, bed, and then some dishes. The babies cried when it was time to leave from this room.
 There was a little store with a cash register. Connor liked being the worker.
 There was a water room with lots of water toys. This particular table had little cut-out chairs at the table for Aiden and Isabella to sit at. They looked so stinking cute!
 Connor ran from table to table and played with everything. He LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!
 The boys were in matching shirts that my mom bought them and I didn't get a single picture from the front. Oops. Outside they had a block of ice in a table with ice water and glitter. I think Aiden liked this one the best.
 Outside they also had sidewalk chalk, balls, hula hoops, music, and a puppet show.
And here's just a little snippet of what life with three little ones is like. At the end I kinda lose focus because poor little Aiden's foot kept going in the drain grates.


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Oh, how fun they built a place like that there! It is like the Pretend City and Discovery Science Center down here.
Hmm...I'm skeptical the painting on walls won't lead "some kids" to think it is ok to paint on windows and walls at home, hehe.

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