Sunday, April 28, 2013

Building Our House - A Kitchen Island

This was the second weekend Mr. Howard and my dad worked on the island. I got him to pose with the kids below. This side will be where the cabinets go (we'll have hidden cabinets behind our barstools on the bar-side that will serve to house things we don't use that often - like serving trays and the crockpot):
Here was my dad measuring and installing the tracking for the drawers in the island. There will be four big, deep drawers for my pots and pans and then two smaller drawers on the top for miscellaneous kitchen stuff:
 Here are the finished drawers:
 My parents have drawers for their pots and pans and it's amazing. You don't have to try to sort through them in a cabinet or stack them exactly perfectly in order to close the cabinet doors. So, when I knew we were going to be custom doing an island, I knew I wanted drawers for my pots and pans:
Below is the side of the island that will house my new spice cabinet. This will be enclosed with cabinet fronts (oh my goodness. Can you imagine with three kids where my spices would be if I didn't have cabinet fronts on these?!? Yikes!) and wire holders across the front of them. 
 Here's sort of a mock up of the island put together (there will be pot/pan drawers on one side, cabinets for infrequently used items on another, small spice cabinets on one side, and then one side will be for my vinegars, oils, and bigger spice items):
Last weekend they laminated the wood and started all the drawer and cabinet fronts (there are 14 fronts they have to make). They have another weekend or two, left of work to do and then we'll have it stained/painted (we're going to hire the company who is painting our house to stain or antique paint it for us).
We also need to pick out our hardware (handles). Nothing else in our kitchen has hardware, so we're going to add drawer pulls/handles to all the rest of our kitchen cabinets to match too. We are matching the granite (santa cecilia) to the rest of our kitchen and already have gotten two granite quotes. 


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