Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to get your kids to think you are AMAZING!

Step 1: Buy a Slip-n-Slide
Step 2: Set it up
Step 3: Sit on a lawn chair and enjoy the two hour entertainment that will ensue!

So I'm pretty sure our kids think we're the coolest parents ever. I think Connor told us so about 24 times last Saturday.

Last Friday, Connor repeatedly asked us if he could go to the water park. Knowing that a) the water park wasn't open in April and b) Connor can't swim yet - we decided to come up with the second best plan. We bought a slip and slide.

Saturday morning we got it set up while the kids were inside.
At first Isabella would only stand about 15 feet away or crawl into my arms:
But then, she got a little braver:
Aiden, on the other hand, went from afraid and sitting on my lap to excited and running in the water!
 In the video below Aiden was on my lap:  

But then he got brave and started putting his hand in the water. He wouldn't slide on his own or stand fully under the water, but he would get adventurous from time to time.
Connor never got OUT of the water. He played for a solid two hours out in the water, running around yelling, "Watch this!...Watch this Aiden!...Izzy come slide with me!" So fun!
How have you been celebrating this Spring weather?


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